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The Oathbreakers are a Kroot Kindred that is currently employed by the Severan Dominate.[1b]


The Oathbreakers have a particularly strong abhorrence for machinery compared to other Kindreds, and avoid using advanced weaponry and technology. They live for the thrill of the hunt and the bounty of the kill, and seek out the strongest, fiercest creatures that they can find to consume in order to cultivate their genetic inheritance.[1b]


The Oathbreakers were among the first Kindreds to pledge their allegiance with the T'au on the Oathstone of Pech. However, they subsequently broke their bonds with the T'au Empire in response to changes that this allegiance brought to Kroot culture, which they saw as enfeebling their species. The Oathbreakers abandoned T'au space and made their way to the galactic west, eventually reaching the wild space of the Koronus Expanse. From there, they were drawn into the conflict on the Spinward Front between the Severan Dominate, the Imperium of Man, and the Orks of Waaagh! Grimtoof.[1b]

The Dominate had by that point already contracted the service of the Bonegnashers, another Kindred, which proved deadly and efficient fighters against the Orks. The agents of Duke Severus XIII, eager to repeat this success and reinforce their overstretched armies, sought out other Kindreds to hire. The Oathbreakers were among the ones that responded to this call.[1b]

While the Oathbreakers have little use for money or trade goods, they have found a desirable prize in the form of Cuyavale, a planet covered in kilometre-high temperate rainforests and inhabited by ferocious flying predators known as Drakons. Cuyavale's forests and mountains are very similar to magnified versions of those found on Pech, which appeal to the arboreal Kroot far more than the sector's other planets, while the Drakons are viewed as excellent prey and sources of genes. The Oathbreakers care very little for the native human tribes endangered by the recent Ork invasion of the planet, but view the Orks as competitors for their new hunting ground.[1b] The Oathbreakers view Cuyavale as a second Pech, and it is rumored that they intend to permanently settle on this world, even if this would require them to wrest it away from both the Dominate and the Orks.[1a]