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Obliterators are Chaos Space Marines whose bodies have been affected by the so-called Obliterator Virus, turning them into living weapons. They are monstrous amalgams of Marine, armour and Daemon with the ability to generate different weapons from their mutated flesh.


Though the first Oliberator was created from the Daemon Sa'ra'am possessing an Iron Warrior during the Horus Heresy[7], today Obliterators are rare and mysterious fighters who owe their allegiance to no particular Chaos God or Legion. Instead they form an insular cult obsessed with the pursuit of technological and alchemical knowledge and the fusion of flesh and steel. Its members, usually former Techmarines, have been infected with a contagion known as the Obliterator Virus, which sears their flesh to their armour and grows them into massive behemoths with devastating powers.[4] It is believed that the Obliterator Virus was a creation of the Dark Mechanicum, the culmination of their quest to fuse technology and biology.[6]

The virus has the effect of merging the carriers with the objects they hold, including weapons, and allows them to respawn them at will. They also have the ability to spawn ammunition for their weapons, a most disturbing experience for one unknowingly infected with the virus. Their skin is merged with the metals they have absorbed, making them extraordinarily robust.[2] Though their bulky stature does not allow them to move quickly across the battlefield they are able to teleport almost anywhere with ease.[4]

In most Chaos Space Marine forces, only a few members are infected, and as such are much sought after. The case is the opposite within the Iron Warriors Legion where the first Obliterators emerged.[1] They have a special association with the Obliterator Cult and have vast numbers of them waiting to receive their orders.[3]


The weapons Obliterators are able to generate include[Needs Citation]:

Known Obliterators



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