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Obsidia (ship)

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Obsidia is a Vanguard Cruiser of the Salamanders chapter. The Obsidia made up part of Captain Mir'san's forces in the Badab War. In 838.912.M41 the Night Hag and the Executioners Battle Barge Phaeton's Wrath were pursuing a pair of damaged Strike Cruisers belonging to the Sons of Medusa in an asteroid field on the edge of Eridian Cataract when the Obsidia suddenly interposed between the two sides and requested a ceasefire. After a tense stand-off the Sons of Medusa withdrew and the Executioners agreed to a parley with Loyalist command. The Night Hag accompanied the Obsidia to Crows World, where the Executioners agreed to withdraw from the Badab War and await trial.[1a]