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Obsidian Jaguars

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Obsidian Jaguars
ObsidianJaguarsMarine.jpg Unknown.jpg
Founding Chapter: Ultramarines[5b]
Founding: Unknown
Chapter Master: Ahulic Xotzin[5a]
Homeworld: Unknown, formerly Ceibhal[1]
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown, formerly The Sabre[1]
Colours: Granite-grey[2], deep sable[1]
Specialty: Unknown
Strength: ~500 Battle-Brothers[5a]
Battle Cry Unknown

The Obsidian Jaguars are a Space Marine Chapter.[1]


The Chapter is known for being noble warriors who are stout of heart, strong of arm and are valuable allies of the Space Wolves. During the Psychic Awakening, however, the Jaguars faced disaster, after their Homeworld, Ceibhal, was invaded by a massive Goff Ork horde[1], while most of the Chapter was fighting elsewhere. The call for them to return had been sent out, but until help arrived Captain Meznan led the Chapter's forces defending Ceibhal. Unless, the Obsidian Jaguars' absent Battle Brothers returned, or the Space Wolves came to their aid, though, Meznan knew it was only a matter of time before their Homeworld fell to the Orks.[2]

Unfortunately, by the time a Space Wolves strike force led by the Wolf Lord Erik Morkai arrived, Ceibhal had claimed by the Orks. The Jaguars' warships defending their Homeworld had also been destroyed, but Morkai still hoped to be able to recover the Chapter's Gene seed from their Fortress Monastery. He infiltrated The Sabre with a group of Space Wolves, but it had been desecrated and the Fortress' walls bore the bodies of the Jaguars who had died defending it. To his further dismay, Morkai's group was only able to recover a small amount of the Jaguars' Gene seed, as most of it had been ruined by the Orks. Now seeing that their was nothing more they could do, the Wolf Lord's group successfully escaped off world, shortly before they activated explosives that destroyed The Sabre. However while their Homeworld is now lost, the fate of the surviving Jaguars is not known yet.[1]

When news of their homeworlds fall reached Chapter Master Ahluic Xotzin - who was campaigning elsewhere - he rallied what remained of his Chapters strength and was able to gather a sizeable force. Their goal had been to reclaim Ceibhal from the Orks until they diverted forces to the Octarius War. Their leadership saw the war as an opportunity for revenge and to test their skills against their most hated enemy.[5b]

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