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Occam the Untrue[1a]

Occam, known as Occam the Untrue, is the leader of The Redacted, an Alpha Legion warband. He still sees himself as loyal to the Emperor and sees his warband as a test for weakness in the followers of the Imperium.[1a]

Sometime after the opening of the Great Rift, Occam and his warband were waging war on Ultramarines successors in the Maelstrom Zone under the general authority of Harrowmaster Quetzel Carthach and his Sons of the Hydra.[1a] They were tasked by a Necron Cryptek to find a Tesseract Labyrinth in exchange for the location of Omegon. Occam agrees and his small warband goes to the Maelstrom, stealing the Tesseract from the Word Bearers. However the object inside the Tesseract is unleashed and revealed to be the Bloodthirster Kar'Nash'gahar who escapes. Later, Occam and his warband travels to the Galactic Core where they discover more Alpha Legion forces building Pylons under the command of Omegon.[1b]

However, the Cryptek reveals that this "Omegon" is in fact a shard of The Deceiver, and a vicious battle erupts that sees only Occam and his warband survive before the shard is trapped in the now-empty Tesseract labyrinth. Occam kills the Cryptek before leaving.[1c]