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Occlusiad War

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The Occlusiad War, also known simply as the Occlusiad, was a major conflict in 550.M37 on the Northwestern Fringe of the Galaxy between the Imperium and a rogue Tech Priest known as the Blind King.[1]


The Blind King and his fellow rogue Tech Priests, the "Apostles of the Blind King", viewed humanity as an affront to the Omnissiah. Using artifacts from the Dark Age of Technology, which allowed them to create supernovae from the hearts of living suns, they wiped entire constellations from existence in their quest to purge the outer Segmentum Obscurus. The war continued for a decade, until the Navigator Joyre Macran discovered the Blind King's palace-ship hidden in a fold of Warpspace. Macran then led the battleship Dominus Astra to the Blind King's location. The Tech Priest was killed in the ensuing battle and his surviving Apostles were defeated soon afterwards.[1]

The Battle of Bloodsteel was fought during the Occlusiad War between the newly formed Dark Hunters Chapter and the Warpsmith Hilghar, who employed both Daemon Engines and the corrupted Warlord Titan Repellus Maximal.[2]

It is known that the Blind King used an ancient medium-sized tank in his army, the secrets of which had been lost in the Dark Age of Technology. This tracked vehicle was equipped with remotely-operated weapon turrets, which were thought to be lost since the time of the Scouring. This tank outclassed many of the vehicles fielded by the Imperium against the Apostles of the Blind King.[3]

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