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An Ogryn Engaged in combat[5]

Ogryns (Homo Sapiens Gigantus) are the largest and most physically powerful type of abhuman. They make ideal warriors and are often recruited into Imperial Guard regiments, and used as close assault shock troops.[1]


Ogryns evolved on worlds with harsh and barren environments and high gravity. Most of these worlds, having no other use to humanity, were originally used as prison planets. Ogryns are large and bulky, standing between 2½ and 3 metres tall. Ogryns vary in appearance according to world, but all are tough and powerful. Some forms are well-muscled, while others tend more towards grotesque obesity. Stupid and repulsively unhygienic, Ogryns have earned such names as Fats, Flabs, Slobs[9] and Stenches. Ogryn populations produce mutant individuals to the same extent as humans.[Needs Citation]

The issue of Ogryn classification is one of the most contentious within the Administratum's Abhuman department. This complex strain is currently listed as seven distinct types (Alpha, Theta, Type IV, Type VIIa, H.S. gigantus gigantus, H.S. gigantus Cranopus, and the mysterious Grey Ogryns). Many within the department believe that many of these classifications are all separate types, and another revision of strain classification is required.[7]

Imperial Guard

The Imperium puts the Ogryns' qualities to good use: their strength and lack of intellectual complexity make them ideal warriors for the Imperial Guard. The concentration of the Ogryns' brutal power creates formidable assault forces. Once introduced into the Imperial Cult, Ogryns develop an unshakable and almost childlike faith in the Emperor, seeing Him as watching over their every action on the battlefield. Each order they receive is viewed as having worked its way down the hierarchy from the Emperor, and is followed without question and to the best of their ability. The most intelligent individuals among Ogryns undergo an augmentative chemical process called Biochemical Ogryn Neural Enhancement (BONE), which increases their intelligence further and makes them ideal as sergeants (or Bone'eads) of Ogryn squads.[Needs Citation]

Although Ogryn worlds provide troops for the Imperial Guard like any other inhabited Imperial world, the standard practice of raising regiments is not used for Ogryns. Units of Ogryns are instead attached to the regiments of other worlds. The unit consists of squads, each led by an Ogryn Sergeant who has received BONE treatment, allowing them to communicate orders to their squad. Ogryns have a particular respect for Commissars, who they see as closest to their beloved Emperor. Ogryns are also naturally claustrophobic, meaning they are reluctant to enter the cramped confines of Chimera carriers.[Needs Citation]

During the Horus Heresy, Ogryns fought on both sides of the conflict. It is believed that those who took the side of the traitors were told that they were actually fighting for the Emperor, and the loyalists were the traitors.[Needs Citation]

Outside of the Imperial Guard, Ogryns are sometimes modified by the Adeptus Mechanicus into the cyborg slaves known as servitors and adapted to tasks where great size and strength are required. Ogryns are also used as heavy lifters and miners in some Imperial mining operations.[Needs Citation]


Ogryn squads are armed with ripper guns, weapons designed to be 'Ogryn-proof', built simply and durable enough that they can double as clubs for the close combat inclined Ogryns. They also carry frag grenades and wear flak armour.[1]

Regimental use

Regiments which are known to use Ogryns include the Catachan Jungle Fighters, Savlar Chem-Dogs, and Kanak Skull Takers. Ogryn units include the Krourk Ogryn Auxilia and Monglor Ogryn Auxilia.[Needs Citation]



Bullgryns are specialized heavily armed Ogryns used for close assault operations by the Imperial Guard. They wear heavy Carapace Armour and carry assault weapons like Power Mauls to capitalize on the creature's size and resilience. For firepower, they often wield the Grenadier Gauntlet. The simple but effective Slab Shields are their trademark, locking together to form a mobile defence line. So deployed, these units provide their comrades with a wall of walking cover as they advance across the battlefield, soaking up vast volumes of enemy fire in the process.[8]

Ogryn Charonite

Ogryn Charonites were biochemically and cybernetically enhanced Ogryns used by the Imperial Army during the Horus Heresy.[Needs Citation]

Feral Ogryns

The populations of some ogryn worlds, are so debased and primitive as to be of no other use than as vicious assault troops, the planet having little else to offer the Imperium. Ogryns native to these worlds have been left to develop their own warlike society that many view as little better than that of the Orks who plague the Imperium. In times of crisis, Imperial landing parties will descend upon these feral worlds, capture several tribes, and take the Ogryns to fight on battlefields many light years away from their homes. In combat, feral Ogryns are a terrible sight to behold.

Very few Imperial Guard officers will even try to teach them the relatively complex operation of a ripper gun. Instead, crude but deadly close combat weapons are hastily manufactured for newly raised regiments. Thus, the Ogryns are encouraged to perform in combat as they have become accustomed - as vicious, close-combat troops. In battle, Ogryns are all but uncontrollable. Thus, they are used sparingly, with just 1 or 2 squads being assigned to any one action alongside other forces.[10]

Ogryn Psyker

Though the Imperial Cult states that Ogryns are too dim-witted to become Psykers, this has changed in the wake of the Great Rift's creation. A Penal Legion Orgyn named Cassia, displayed psychic abilities in battle and soon joined Lord Inquisitor's Falx retinue. The Inquisitor believes the Great Rift caused Cassia to become a Psyker and suspects that many more Ogryns will start to develop psychic abilities as well[13a]. Cassia also had an increase intellect afterwards and learned how to read and write on her own. The Imperial Cult states that Ogryns are also incapable of doing this, though, it is not clear if Cassia's new intellect is a result of her being a Psyker.[13b]

Chaos Ogryns

Chaos Ogryn

Ogryns are also used by the forces of Chaos. Known as Ogryn Brutes[6] and Traitor Ogryn, their strength and savagery quickly earns them mutant blessings from the Chaos Gods. However Chaos Ogryns are slow-witted and easily exploitable[14]. Chaos renegades are quick to forcibly conscript them into their ranks[6] and use crude surgical procedures, combat drugs, and sorcerous rituals to control the beasts and set them upon their enemies[6]. They are also used in battle as bodyguards, living shields or crude line breakers by their more cunning Human comrades[14]. Chaos Ogryns that have been modified and warped by forbidden methods, include Ogryn Berserkers and Plague Ogryns.[6]


Servitor-Ogryns are Ogryns that have been converted into Servitors.[Needs Citation]

Famous Ogryns


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