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Ogryn Berserker

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Ogryn Berserker[1]

Ogryn Berserkers are Ogryns corrupted by Khornate Chaos Warbands, driven insane by bloodlust and evolving into ferocious and bloodthirsty beasts.[1]

Similar to Khorne Berzerkers, these creatures were lobotomized and injected with a powerful combat drug known as "Slaught". Once Slaught is introduced into the bloodstream, the Ogryn becomes a raging psychopath. The downside of this treatment is the drug-fueled rampage cannot be sustained by the Ogryn's body and complete organ failure is an inevitable result of prolonged combat by Ogryn Berserkers.[1]

Ogryn Berserkers are known to be surgically modified by their masters in order to create a more potent killing machine. These include surgically removing limbs and replacing them with blades, buzz-saws, or other vicious weaponry.[1]


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