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Ogvai Ogvai Helmschrot

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Ogvai Ogvai Helmschrot, Jarl of Tra[2b] was a Wolf Lord of the Space Wolves during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[4b]


Helmschrot was one of the first Fenrisian youths to be inducted into the Legion following the reunification of Leman Russ and the Emperor of Mankind.[4b]

During the Crusade, Helmschrot commanded the 3rd Great Company during the Dulan Campaign.[4b] He later oversaw the campaign against the Olamic Quietude.[1]

He went on to command Space Wolves during the Burning of Prospero, Battle of the Alaxxes Nebula[2a], Battle of Trisolian, and Battle of Yarant.[3]

By the time of the Second Founding, Helmschrot had been succeeded as jarl of the 3rd Great Company by Aeska Brokenlip.[4a]