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Ohrmuzd Ahriman

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Ormuhzd Ahriman was the twin brother of Ahzek Ahriman.


Ahzek and Ormuhzd were both raised and tutored on Terra, and became Space Marines of the Thousand Sons Legion prior to their discovery of their primarch, Magnus.[1x][2] He eventually rose to the rank of Captain, leading a contingent of sixty Astartes during the pacification of Valnum.[2]

Ormuhzd succumbed to the mutation that was the curse of many of the Thousand Sons, and eventually died, which deeply affected his brother. Ahzek had Ohrmuzd's silver oak leaf badge worked into the plate of his power armour, next to his own gold one - both badges were gifts from their mother.[1x]

Centuries later, after the disastrous failure of the Rubric of Ahriman — Ahzek's failed attempt to permanently rid the Thousand Sons of their mutations - he reflected that Magnus believed Ahzek had performed the Rubric out of fear of suffering Ohrmuzd's fate, which was true to a degree, but more so because Ahzek was attempting to save all of his brothers.[1a]


  • Ohrmuzd is possibly named for a figure in the Zoroastrian religion, Ohrmuzd, also known as Ahura Mazda. He was the primary deity of Zoroastrianism, a god of light; his opposite is Ahriman, the god of darkness.