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Olamic Quietude

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Olamic Quietude Super-Robust Warrior battles a Rune Priest

The Olamic Quietude was a hostile post-human civilization that the 40th Expedition Fleet and the Space Wolves Third Company encountered during the Great Crusade. From first contact, they considered the Imperium of Man a mockery of humanity. The Quietude considered itself the rightful successors to Terra and saw Imperials as xenos-infected impostors. As a result, the Quietude captured and vivisected the first Imperial emissaries, resulting in war between the two civilizations.[1]

The inhabitants of the Quietude were implanted with bionics from birth to integrate them into their social network. By the time they reached adulthood, their augmentations encompassed their entire bodies, leaving only the brain, skull, and spinal cord. Synthetic organs supported the remaining organic components with a purple circulatory fluid. Their faces were holographic images. The Quietude's elite soldiers were called Robusts. When attacked, the Robusts' social network analyzed the method of attack and modulated their force field defenses to adapt. Their weapons consisted of gravity penetrators and heat rays similar to melta weapons. Gigantic Super Robusts, equipped with concussion maces and accelerator hammers, defended the social network's nexus. Some Super Robusts had two sets of arms and two heads.[1]

Once the war between the Imperium and Quietude began, the Space Wolves and the 40th Expeditionary Fleet assaulted their orbital docks. The Space Wolves utilized specialized weapons, stealth, and brute force to overcome the Robusts and capture the docks, allowing for landings on the Quietude's ice-covered homeworld and the destruction of their civilization.[1]