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Oleander Koh

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Oleander Koh is an Apothecary of the Emperor's Children.[1]


A native of Terra, after the Horus Heresy he became embroiled in the Legion Wars and fought on the side of Fabius Bile during the Battle of Harmony. After the Battle of Beauty's Fall, his armored form was sucked in the vacuum of space but rescued by the Radiant King, whose warband he joined. After discovering a group of Harlequins under Sylandri Veilwalker, Oleander conspired with them to oust the Radiant King from power. He returned to his former master Fabius and together the two convinced the Radiant King to Sack Lugganath.[1]

During the battle of Lugganath, Oleander revealed his true agenda and urged Fabius Bile to reject his current path and instead take up command of a renewed Emperor's Children Legion. Disgusted by Oleander's collaboration with the Harlequins, Fabius refused and left the Apothecary aboard dying Lugganath.[1a]

Oleander was taken by Veilwalker and delivered to the Dark Eldar Haemonculi Hexachires. Obscenely tortured over centuries, the Haemonculi treated his pet with a mixture of admiration and hatred as the former Apothecary took pleasure from much of the pain.[2a] During the Battle of Belial IV Oleander briefly allied with Bile to attack his master, being badly damaged in the process. As he lay dying he was executed by Veilwalker, who stated his tale had come to an end.[2b]