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The Olethros was a space hulk which included ships from the very beginning of the Imperium. Among the ships, the Space Hulk also had within it an unknown Chaos artefact. A massive stone slab atop of pile of human skulls, with skeletons seemingly fused into it.[1c][1d] By late-M41, it was infested with tyranid genestealers who managed to consume and utilize the gene code from the Dark Angels gene-seed stockpile within one of their pre-Heresy ships fused to the hulk. In late-M41, Olethros exited the Warp, 3.14 lightyears from Terra, and was destroyed by the Dark Angels's Deathwing who overloaded the plasma cores of vessel Sanctum Imperator.[1b]

Known ships fused into Olethros

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