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Omega Redoubt

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This page contains spoilers for: Fabius Bile: Manflayer (Novel)

The Omega Redoubt is the name Fabius Bile gave to an isolated spur of the Webway, that he had converted into a hidden sanctuary for his New Men.[1a]

He discovered it, while under the tutelage of the Coven of the Thirteen Scars and began securing the Redoubt after escaping from the Haemonculi. However the vengeful Coven began hunting Bile and destroyed his creations in the process. Once they learned his main base was on Belial IV, Bile initiated the evacuation of the New Men into the Redoubt, using one of the world's Webway Portals[1a]. When the Coven finally invaded Belial IV, they swarmed Bile's base but the New Men were still able to be safely evacuated. Even as the battle raged on, Bile's forces then destroyed the Webway Portal to ensure no one would be able to reach or harm Bile's creations.[1b]