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Omni-Dimensional Whistle

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The Omni-Dimensional Whistle is an extra-dimensional whistle, created by the Dark Eldar, that summons hordes of Warp Beasts when used.[1]


The Whistle has a strange and disturbing shape, reminiscent of a spiral shell, and is seemingly formed from glass in colours beyond the Human visual spectrum range, making it both compulsive and repugnant to the eye at once. When it is used the Whistle must be screamed into for it to work; which immediately causes blood to come pouring out of the user's mouth. The resulting whistle is capable of being clearly heard from massive distances, in both Realspace and the Warp, which summons the Warp Beasts to the user's location. They appear in a large uncountable mass, that is able to run along every surface from floor to ceiling, completely unaffected by gravity, as they surge towards the Dark Eldar's enemies.[1]

The Inquisition has noted the similarities between the device and some of the machines that Astropaths use to boost their psychically projected messages through the Immaterium.[1]