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Omphalos Daemonium

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The Omphalos Daemonium was an ancient and powerful Daemon Prince, a servant of the Blood God Khorne, and existed only for slaughter. It was defeated by a rival daemon, the Heart of Blood, and trapped in torment within a Daemon Engine; bound to the service of the Iron Warriors, it served as the dread chariot to a vast Iron Warrior known as the Slaughterman. After the Siege of Hydra Cordatus, the Slaughterman was defeated by Imperial forces and driven into the furnace of the daemon engine, setting the Omphalos Daemonium free. The daemon then possessed the body of the Slaughterman, and planned its revenge on the Heart of Blood, which itself was imprisoned by the Iron Warriors on their homeworld of Medrengard.[1x]

The daemon captured two exiled Ultramarines, Uriel Ventris and his former Sergeant, Pasanius Lysane, and charged them with the task of retrieving the Heart of Blood. Upon the Heart of Blood being set free by the Ultramarines, the Omphalos Daemonium arrived to take advantage of its rival's weakened state from its imprisonment. However, in the climax of the battle, the Heart of Blood conjured up a bloodstorm which strengthened its abilities to their former glory. Upon restoration of its powers, the Heart of Blood was the more powerful of the two daemons and ultimately defeated its enemy once again. The Omphalos Daemonium was beheaded and its essence was drunk by its mortal enemy.[1x]

Uriel and Pasanius escaped Medrengard in the Daemon Engine.[1a]

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