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Caldera, originally known to the Great Crusade as One-Five-Four Four[3], is a Hive World[1a] and Death World of the Imperium.[1b]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Caldera Unknown.jpg
Affiliation: Imperium[1a]
Class: Hive World[1a], Death World[1b]
Tithe Grade:


Known to the Eldar as Caldera, it was a rare example of Eldar-Human coexistence; the Human population of the world were descendants of Nocturne who had been liberated from Dark Eldar captivity by their Craftworld kin.[3]

The world subsequently brought into compliance by Vulkan, Ferrus Manus, and Mortarion during the Great Crusade. During the campaign on the planet, the Imperials battled the Eldar who had psychically enslaved a race of chitlin-armored insect warriors. The entire campaign was in truth an Eldar trap to lure Ferrus Manus into a psychic labyrinth, where he could learn of the eventual Horus Heresy. When the attempt failed, the Eldar fled the world and it fell to the Imperials.[5] After fighting against the Eldar and their Human cohabitants, the Vulkan unleashed a great purging flame across the world. Disgusted by his own actions against the population, Vulkan pledged that never again would Caldera face such destruction.[2] He briefly returned to the world in search of a passage to Terra during the Horus Heresy.[4].

Vulkan reappeared from his self-imposed exile 1,500 years later to uphold his vow during the War of the Beast, fighting on his own against a massive Ork invasion. Thanks to the efforts of Imperial forces led by Koorland, Caldera was saved from being converted into an Attack Moon.[2]


A caldera is a large cauldron-like hollow that forms shortly after the emptying of a magma chamber in the eruption of a volcano, creating a linguistic link between the planet name and Vulkan.