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One True Armour

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The Emperor in his Power Armour[1]

The One True Armour[2] is a suit of Power Armour commonly seen worn by the Emperor during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]

Always depicted as golden, after his wounding by Horus during the Siege of Terra it is said that the Emperor's armour was removed and melted down at his own order in order to create badges to honour the Imperial Fists Terminators that had fought beside him.[3] Pieces of the Armour are placed inside the Crux Terminatus worn by an especially honoured Space Marine Terminators. Meanwhile, all Grey Knights Cruxes contain a shard of the Armour.[2]

The right Gauntlet of the One True Armour is currently in possession of the Dark Angels, who used it to create thousands of Crux Terminatus badges.[2]

The armour's primary material is Auramite, the same as the armour of the Adeptus Custodes, that is styled after it. Auramite was chosen as it is almost quantum-inert, and so is an effective material for the use of psychic abilities and the manipulation of warp energy, second only to bare skin in terms of conductivity.[4]

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