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Only War: Enemies of the Imperium

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Only War: Enemies of the Imperium
Released 2013
Pages 143
ISBN ISBN 9781616616847

General Structure

The Only War: Enemies of the Imperium was published in 2013 and it's a gaming supplement for the Only War Core Rulebook Warhammer 40,000 role-playing game system. It contains NPC profiles and guidance on how to deploy in battle the darkest foes that the Imperium of Men has met during it's venture into the Galaxy. Also this supplement provides a wealth of information on background of those factions and how they fight the Imperium and each other. Furthermore, this supplement provides the rules for managing formations to facilitate squad-level combat and new resources for Guardsmen and Support Specialist characters that have been developed already through the Only War Core Rulebook.



Fantasy Flight Games

Games Workshop

  • Licensing Manager: John French
  • Head of Licensing: Jon Gillard
  • Head of Licensing, Legal and Strategic Projects: Andy Jones
  • Head of Intellectual Property: Alan Merrett

Publication Details

  • ISBN 9781616616847