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Operation Redrake

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Operation Redrake was the code name for the multi-front offensive which opened the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, launched in 755.M41.[1a][2]


During the planning phase of the Crusade, on Khulan, Warmaster Slaydo quickly determined that it would be folly to invade the Chaos-held Sabbat Worlds sector, which was vast and heavily fortified, along a single front, no matter how overwhelming a force Slaydo assembled; he likened such an approach to trying to knock down a stone wall with a hammer. Instead, Slaydo decided to use his ships and soldiers as a mobile strike force, and strike at several target worlds at once.[1a]

The Operation was code-named after the Serrian Redrake, a multi-headed serpent infamous for striking two or three targets at once, with deadly effect.[1a][2]

The objectives of Operation Redrake were[1a]:

  1. To secure a foothold in the sector to use as a main base.
  2. To take the enemy completely by surprise.
  3. To prevent enemy counterattack on the Imperial fleet elements.
  4. To provide a swift and impressive victory for morale purposes.

Over thirty different attack plans were considered, and then rejected, by Slaydo and his tacticians. While Lord Militant Dravere advocated a "Mid-Line" approach, Slaydo ultimately decided on four target worlds: Formal Prime, Onscard, Long Halent and Indrid.[1a][2]

Onscard and Long Halent fell swiftly to a force commanded by Lord Militant Dravere, but Formal Prime was not liberated until the White Scars Space Marines were deployed.[1a][1b]

Indrid, the most distant of the four worlds was considered the "counter-punch" of Operation Redrake, and its conquest was entrusted to Lord Militant Cybon. The campaign was protracted, especially with the arrival of Chaos reinforcements at Cybon's rear, and lasted well into 756.M41, before Cybon ordered orbital bombardment.[1b]

Although several battlegrounds, especially Indrid and Formal Prime, were harder to win than Slaydo originally predicted, Operation Redrake succeeded in all four of its objectives, and morale remained high as Slaydo prepared to launch the next phase, the invasion of the Newfound Trailing Group, on the path to the stronghold world of Balhaut.[1b]

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