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Opikh Tak

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Opikh Tak is a high-ranking Kroot Shaper of the Tau Empire.[1a]

Opikh Tak had once been part of the Fourth Sphere of Expansion and witnessed many of the atrocities committed by the Tau within the fleet against non-Tau at the permission of Commander Surestrike. He was given the 6th observer seat on the Nem'yar Atoll's Elemental Council, but the experience left him violently jaded against the Greater Good. During the Battle of the Startide Nexus at a Elemental Council meeting Opikh Tak assaulted Surestrike after the latter implied that the non-Tau within the Fourth Sphere had been the source of their troubles and culling them had been a moral act. Opikh Tak was overpowered by Commander Shadowsun and Ethereal Guards and imprisoned on the Gue'vesa world of Pekun.[1a]

Shadowsun later secretly met with Opikh Tak in his jail cell and learned of the truth of the Fourth Sphere. She released the Kroot and he accompanied Shadowsun in her mission to stop the Death Guard.[1b]