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Orbital Defense Platform

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An Orbital Weapons Platform[1]

Orbital Defense Platforms are orbiting Space Stations used by the Imperial Navy and Planetary Defense Forces for defense of a world against enemy spacecraft. They are deployed within a planet or moon's gravity well and are armed with a variety of weapons. The most sophisticated Orbital Defense Platforms, those used to defend Adeptus Mechanicus worlds and key planets, have no crew at all and use complex logic engines to detect and fire at enemy vessels that do not broadcast the correct identification codes.[1]

Types of Orbital Defense Platforms

  • Orbital Weapons Platforms: usually mount several laser batteries capable of striking at the enemy before they get too close to the planet.[1]
  • Orbital Defense Laser Platforms are armed with massive Defense Lasers, large laser cannons capable of penetrating a capital ship's armour. Built around a powerful plasma reactor, a defense laser platform is armed with several of these large cannons, giving it the ability to fire them in every direction. Defense laser platforms are particularly effective at destroying fast-moving escort craft sent ahead of a main enemy fleet to conduct reconnaissance and raiding.[1]
  • Orbital Torpedo Launchers and missile batteries are one of the greatest deterrents to an enemy intent on attacking an Imperial world. They can attack from a distance to disrupt an enemy fleet's advance and deliver a lethal blow against vessels that approach too closely to a planet. They have proved effective against attacks by Ork and Chaos forces.[1]

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