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Orbulac Raid

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The Orbulac Raid refers to a series of Eldar raids and terror attacks in 793.M40.[1]


A Coven of Haemonculi unleashes a carefully coded bio-toxin upon the hive world of Orbulac. The toxin dissolves human flesh whilst leaving Eldar intact, and the Haemonculi take to the spires of Hive Primus with high-powered scrying devices in order to appreciate the grotesquerie they have brought into being. The Salamanders hear of the vile fate that has befallen Orbulac and send in a Strike Cruiser to cut out the cancer that has taken root in the armoured eyries of the hive. Stormraven Gunships deliver a Siegebreaker Cohort to the upper levels, each warrior’s rebreather replaced by internal air sources. One by one, the warsuited battle-brothers suffer wounds during the resultant fighting, their power armour split or dissolved by the arcane weapons of the Haemonculi. As the flesh-eating toxin worms its way into their flesh, the Salamanders die fighting. Though the warsuits, and even the power armour inside are empty of anything but noisome liquids, the angered machine spirits that lurk in each warsuit fight on. The last two operative warsuits bore holes into the Haemonculi’s lair and slowly fall dormant, but not before emptying their ammunition caches and shredding the macabre scientists in a storm of explosive bolts.[1]