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Order of Broken Claws

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Symbol of the Order of Broken Claws[1]

The Order of Broken Claws was part of the Dark Angels Legion's Hekatonystika Militant Orders. It operated during the the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, mainly devoted to fighting the Rangda Xenos.[1][2]


Formed in the wake of the Second Rangdan Xenocide, this small Order held the only full and complete account of the conflict as well as information on the Rangda. This detailed catalog was gathered by Firewing operators and Dreadwing units and the Orders warriors were trained to stand against the worst Rangdan bio-forms in combat. During the bloody Third Rangdan Xenocide they won much renowned at combating the Rangdan warmasters, but after the war and with the alleged annihilation of the Xenos they dwindled in number. By the time of the Horus Heresy only a few members of the order remained, maintaing a single station on the ruined world of Advex-Mors where the Rangda had first appeared.[1]

During the Horus Heresy, the Order's base at Advex-Mors was the subject of a surprise attack by the Sons of Horus. The Order's Knights Cenobium reaped a fearful tally from the Traitors, before they were slain.[2] As the Heresy continued, the duties of the Order were extended, with small groups guarding stasis vaults containing relics and weapons captured from vanquished foes. Each Knight would vow to prevent these artifacts from calling into the hands of the enemy, and only in the guardian's death would this oath be broken.[3]

Notable Members