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Order of the Ebon Chalice

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The Order of the Ebon Chalice is one of the six major Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas[Needs Citation].

Basic Info
Battle Sister
Name: Order of the Ebon Chalice
Founder: Alexis XXII[2b]
Honoured Saint: Alicia Dominica[4]
Convent: Convent Prioris (Terra)[1]
Founding: 37th Millennium[2b]
Colours: Black armour, white cloaks with red linings and weapons[2b]
An Ebon Chalice banner


The Order was founded by Ecclesiarch Alexis XXII when he split the Sisters of the Convent Prioris[2b] on Terra, where the Order remains based remain based[1]. Their first leader and most honoured Saint is Alicia Dominica.[4] Their colours are black armour, white cloaks with red linings. Their weapons are a deep red. These were the original colours of the Convent Prioris[2a] and even further to the original uniforms of the Daughters of the Emperor[5] which the Order inherited when the Convent was split, and has been unchanged for four thousand years.[2a]

Though not originally recognized under the current name, the Order of the Ebon Chalice represents the original and oldest Order Militant, the direct continuation of the original founding as the Daughters of the Emperor, with combat and religious doctrine, like their uniforms, unchanged for four thousand years.[5] The Order's symbol, a flaming skull-filled chalice, is a representation of the terrible knowledge imparted to Dominica when she was brought before the Golden Throne.[7]

On the planet Belatis IV the Order have a Preceptory stronghold, where their Priory dominates the Talisa Pass — an important pilgrim route.[8b]


Known Members

Known Named Vehicles

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