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Order of the Sacred Rose

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The Order of the Sacred Rose is one of the six major Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas.

Basic Info
Battle Sister
Name: Order of the Sacred Rose
Founder: Deacis VI[3a]
Honoured Saint: Arabella[2a]
Convent: Convent Prioris (Terra)[1]
Founding: M38[2a]
Colours: White armour, black cloaks with red linings and weapons[3b]
A Sacred Rose banner


The Order is based on Terra within the Convent Prioris[1] and was founded in honour of Sister Arabella[2a] along with the Order of the Bloody Rose by Ecclesiarch Deacis VI in mid-M38[3a]. Their colours are white armour, black cloaks with red linings and red weapons.[3b]. The order strives to emulate their patron saint and her virtues of discipline, even-temperment, and resolute determination. This resolve to stay calm in battle has particularly benefited Retributor Squads, who use her as a role model to avoid doubt and rash action while wielding their heavy weapons.[6] Main base of this Order — Ophelia VII.[8]


  • During a War of Faith against the Demagogues of the Second Halo Schism, the order broke the defenses at the Palace of Radiance, securing a victory which saw heretics burning on pyres twenty meters high.[2b]

Unique Squadrons

  • Flamewing Seraphim[7a]
  • Prioris Squadron — Are formed from elite Battle Sisters, who guard the Order of the Sacred Rose's convent on Terra. Intense additional training and wide-ranging battlefield experience are the minimum requirements for becoming a Prioris Battle Sister. If the need arises the entire squadron can be requisitioned into serving in a Canoness' personal retinue.[7b]

Known Members


Sister of the Order of the Sacred Rose

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