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Order of the Wounded Heart

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Sister of the Order of the Wounded Heart[1a]

The Order of the Wounded Heart is a minor Order of the Sisters of Battle and is among those that have split off from the Order of the Valorous Heart.[1a]

The Order is unique, however, in that they only recite verse 482 from the Passion of Saint Lucia. The verse describes how Saint Lucia's right hand was flensed, and yet through her suffering she remained faithful. As an act of communion, the Order of the Wounded Heart also deglove their own right hands, ritually stripping them of skin to keep the flesh and nerves raw. In this way they feel Lucia's pain whenever they grip their weapon and pull the trigger; allowing them to mediate on the Saint's excruciation as they unleash death upon the faithless.[1a]

The Order of the Wounded Heart is known to maintain a presence on the Shrine World of Ras Shakeh[4a], based out of the Cathedral of Blessed Alexia in Hjec Aleja.[4b]

Known Actions

During the 13th Black Crusade, the Order committed 1 Commandery to the Imperial defense against Abaddon's forces.[2][3]


Sisters of the Order of the Wounded Heart wear night black Power Armour trimmed with pale ermine. The Order's symbol is a cracked heart, depicted in red on white.[4b][Conflicting sources]

Notable Members


A Sister of the Order of the Wounded Heart[1b]


Conflicting sources