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Order of the Wyrm

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The Order of the Wyrm is a Genestealer Cult, that infests the Fedual Agri World Gorgomire.[1]

However they masquerade as an elite Knightly order and had won great renown defending its population, who treated them as heroes. The Order also acted as bodyguards for Gorgomire's Governor-King, Archimayn XII and hid their corruption beneath suits of armour. Archimayn's court magister, Bargo Xathus, was also a member of the Order, but had secretly joined a Chaos Cult that was active on Gorgomire. It is not known if he was the only member, but sometime after the Great Rift's creation, the two Cults began attacking each other. This was just as Gorgomire was visited by the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Loramon Valir and the Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Sythra Min, who had each come separately to destroy the Cults. When the Inquisitors became aware of each other, they agreed to work together to purge both the Genestealer and Chaos taint from Gorgomire.[1]