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Orders Militant of the First Legion

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the units of the Dark Angels; for the units of the Adepta Sororitas, see Orders Militant.

The Orders Militant of the First Legion[1a] were the Hekatonystika's informal network of specialists within the First Legion, that were dedicated to a singular focus of war beyond the wider scope of the Hosts.[1b]

They were created by the First Legion during the years the Emperor's forces fought to gain control of the Sol System. The warriors of the Orders, would spend those isolated years honing their battle-craft, which they then recorded using complex ciphers and rituals. It was by the hard-won knowledge of these warriors, that the First Legion would prevail again and again in the most grueling and hazardous battles. Their foes' weaknesses were exposed and recorded by the great sacrifices of the Orders and such knowledge was later catalogued in the First Legion's archives.[1b] There were hundreds of Orders by the time of the Horus Heresy, some with as few as a dozen members. Most maintained a sanctum chamber of some kind, usually aboard a warship.[1e] While it was unusual, some Dark Angels were members of multiple Orders while others would leave one for another.[Needs Citation]

Each Order was led by a Preceptor, with a Preceptor's Conclave above them and a High Preceptor that commanded the entire Orders Militant.[1a] Lion El'Jonson is the only known High Preceptor.[1e] They were divided into an Inner and Outer Circle.[1e]

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