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Orders Pronatus

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A Reliquant at Arms of the Orders Pronatus[7]

The Orders Pronatus is a non-militant order of the Adepta Sororitas.[4]


The Orders Pronatus are considered a range of minor orders who have a duty to locate any relics and sacred items. Once discovered, these objects are acquired and brought to the Ecclesiarchy's care. For example their blessing of an Inquisitorial Rhino helped Inquisitor Voke to defend against servants of the Ruinous Powers throughout three dozen missions.[4]

The Order maintains uncounted thousands of holy relics as well as items captured by Imperial forces considered too significant to fall into enemy hands. They have the responsibility of maintaining and blessing the banners and symbols of the Orders Militant, and have even been called upon to reconsecrate the livery of other Imperial agencies. It was Sisters of the Orders Pronatus that reconsecrated the banner of the Lamenters after their involvement in the Badab War and restored many of the Cadian regimental standards that were recovered after the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[5b]

The champions of the Orders Pronatus, each handpicked by their Orders' Canoness Superiors, are selected to bear the remains of Saint Katherine. This procession, known as the Triumph of Saint Katherine, marches into battle alongside the Orders Militant.[5a]

After the opening of the Great Rift, a force of Sisters Pronatus on the world of Martyr's Rest defended the remains of Saint Jheraldine, within the Chantry of Dolma Vettica. While it seemed all died in the defense, a single Sister Pronatus managed to escape the chantry with the relic. Before she could make it to safety, she was ambushed by three drukhari gladiators. While she managed to slay the xenos, she was fatally poisoned. Using the last of her strength, she hid the relic with a flock of Cherubs (which the Drukhari could not detect due to lacking feeling or emotion), where it was later retrieved by a strike team of Order of Our Martyred Lady lead by Palantine Erika Luminas.[6]


  • The Order of the Blessed Enquiry — One of the Orders Pronatus, believed to have been destroyed due to their collection of artefacts of the Chaos Gods.[2] Rumoured to have discovered Slaanesh's true name and created the anti-daemon weapon known as the Daemonifuge.[3]
  • The Order of the Eternal Gate[1]
  • Order of the August Vigil[8]

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