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Orders Sabine

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The Orders Sabine are non-militant orders of the Adepta Sororitas, and an individual of the Order is referred to as a Sister Sabine.[1][3][4]


Due to their operations taking place on the edge of Imperial space, the Orders Sabine are lesser known among Imperial citizens.[1] Sisters of the Orders Sabine accompany the Missionarus Galaxia to help re-itergrate newly rediscovered Human worlds into the Imperium of Man that may oppose their arrival.[1][2][3][4] They do this by infiltrating the communities and preaching the Imperial Creed, establishing themselves as prophets of the Emperor and prophesied the coming of the Missionarus.[1][3][4] They may also instigate a revolution, leading natives faithful to the Creed in a coup against the world's religious leaders.[1][3][4] Through this, and the political workings of Sisters of the Orders Famulous, the Missionarus Galaxia will arrive to a world readily accepting of the Imperial Creed.[2]

These operations may take many years or even generations, with Sisters Sabine taking on the language, customs, and clothing of the native population.[1] However, following the arrival of the Missionarus, the Sister Sabine will revert to that of a standard Sororitas. Because of these long operations, Sisters Sabine will likely only pilgrim to a Convent once in her lifetime.[1][3][4]