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Ordinatus Ulator

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Ordinatus Ulator

The Ordinatus Ulator is a type of Mechanicum Ordinatus Minoris Macro Engine.[1]

A rare and truly arcane weapon system of staggering power, the Ulator is of the smaller classes of Ordinatus, but nevertheless is one of the most potent war machines at the Imperium’s disposal. In the time of the Great Crusade the Ordinatus macro engines were rarer than even the Battle Titans of the Collegia Titanica, and only a handful of Forge Worlds had the resources or indeed the doctrinal blessing and religious authority to produce or maintain such embodiment's of the Omnissiah’s divine wrath. Such was the sacredness of these machines above all others, that an entire subcult of the Mechanicum was devoted to their worship and propitiation. The Ordinatus Ulator carries a trio of Volkite Culverins as its secondary armaments, but its primary weapon is the terrifying Ulator class Sonic Destructor.[1]

Notable Ordinatus Ulator