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Ordnance weapon

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Ordnance Weapons are used primarily by the Imperium, mounted on vehicles. They include long barreled cannons, short range bombardment cannons as well as other more exotic designs, although they tend not to be energy weapons (see the corresponding energy type). For smaller hand-held weapons see Projectile Weapons.

Types of Ordnance Weapon

Battle Cannon

Main article: Battle Cannon
The Battle Cannon is the main armament of the Leman Russ Battle Tank.

Demolisher Cannon

Main article: Demolisher Cannon
The Demolisher Cannon is a heavy bombardment cannon but with a very short range.

Conqueror Cannon

Main article: Conqueror Cannon
The Conqueror Cannon is a shorter barreled version of the Battle Cannon allowing for a faster rate of fire.

Vanquisher Cannon

Main article: Vanquisher Cannon
The Vanquisher Cannon is a more complex variant of the Battle Cannon and uses specialised armour piercing shells.

Whirlwind multiple missile launcher

Main article: Whirlwind multiple missile launcher
The Whirlwind multiple missile launcher is a Space Marine weapon designed to barrage an enemy emplacement.

Earthshaker Cannon

Main article: Earthshaker Cannon
The Earthshaker Cannon is the Imperial Guard solution to the Whirlwind multiple missile launcher, boasting a huge range with heavy firepower.

Heavy Mortar

Main article: Heavy Mortar
The Heavy Mortar is a heavier version of the usual mortar and mounted on a Chimera chassis, named the Griffon Mortar.

Manticore Missile Launcher

Main article: Manticore Missile Launcher
The Manticore Missile Launcher is useful for bombarding heavy enemy implacements.

Barrage Bomb

Main article: Barrage Bomb
The Barrage Bomb is an orbital bombardment using heavy physical objects dropped onto the planets surface.


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