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Ordo Reductor Artillery Tank

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Ordo Reductor Artillery Tanks are self-propelled artillery used by the Ordo Reductor of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Befitting the Ordo's specialization in siege warfare, these vehicles are essentially modified and augmented patterns of artillery platforms found throughout the Imperium. The Ordo Reductor operates great numbers of these vehicles, utilizing them as disposable assets to be hurled into enemy breaches and defensive positions.[1]

Ordo Reductor Artillery Tanks were most commonly fixed with Whirlwind Launchers but were also found wielding Demolisher Cannons, Quad Lascannons, Twin Melta Cannons, an Earthshaker Cannon, a Medusa Cannon, or a Mars-Colossus Bombard Heavy Siege Mortar. Some tanks were modified to serve as air defense vehicles, equipped with a Hyperios Missile Launcher.[1]