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Ordo Scriptorum

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An Ordo Scriptorum Inquisitor

The Ordo Scriptorum is a smaller Ordo of the Inquisition. Based on Terra itself, it is dedicated to the examination and investigations of the vast stockpile of Imperial records. As the Imperium constantly strains under the weight of its own colossal bureaucracy, important facts and information are often lost through misfiles, time, or simple human error.

Pleas for aid from Imperial Governors can go unheeded leaving worlds isolated from outside contact for centuries if these errors and oversights occur. The Ordo Scriptorum can only intercept a handful of these failures, but even once can save billions of lives. The Ordo will also oversee the Administratum's scribes, ensuring they act more efficiently and accurately thereafter.[1]

The Ordo Scriptorum also attempts to manage the War of the Quills among Imperial Scribes.[2]

Known Members