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An Oretti[1]

The Oretti are a sentient Xenos species of insecto-hominids.[1]


They have elongated, multi-jointed limbs which end in hooves and a thick, leathery carapace. The Oretti also have numerous tentacles where their mouth is located and a cluster of spider-like eyes.[1]


Their males resemble small sneaky creatures with long forelimbs and single back limbs (more like a tail) which helps them to make powerful jumps. This Xenos make some sort of energy weapon which they can hold with their belly appendages. The weapon are too weak to penetrate the Space Marine's Power Armour but could easily hollow out bare flesh of humans. Females of Orreti are much larger – twice the height of Space Marine - besides energy weapon also armed with gleaming blades and wore plates of iridescent armour. Legs of Orreti ends in hoofs. Some Orreti could talk Gothic though with their own musical accent.[2]

Though on the planets Orreti lives in the dirty small villages, they can build simple space vessels. Basically Orreti are wanderers race, because their own home planet was dead. Though numerous once, now they became a shadow of mere self and turned to race of scavengers and carrion feeders living off the leavings of the galaxy.[2]

Despite their wars with the Imperium in the past[2], the Oretti are described as being passive and harmless.[1] Before their downfall, the Oretti had a proud civilization and lived on a Paradise World, where they built vast, web-like temples called Hamamets which housed beautiful works of devotional art. The Oretti were the masters of their System and though they had voids ships capable of leaving it, they had no desire to expand their territory. They had no interest in warfare either and their weapons fired only weak particle beams, that would be deflected off of many forms of armor. The Oretti's creed was a peaceful one, and when they did encounter other species, the Oretti welcomed them with offers of trade and comradeship. However this passiveness resulted in the Oretti's Homeworld being invaded by every fleet that passed it. In the end, their population was decimated by these repeated invasions and their beautiful Hanamets were torn down.[1]

It was only when they were close to extinction, that the Oretti decided to flee their System aboard their few remaining void ships. The once proud species were forced to become ragged covered scavengers, who salvaged items from abandoned Death Worlds to survive. Even then, they were still attacked or taken advantage of, which led the Oretti to become a quickly dwindling species. The Xenologist Cynus Wolfenbüttel later wrote of one such attack against the Oretti, in his Xenographia Universalis text. According to the Rogue Trader, who told him her tale, she encountered what may have been the last surviving members of the Oretti. They bartered with her by offering the Rogue Trader precious metals they had salvaged from the ruins of Helorum Secundus. In exchange, the group of Oretti wanted a route to a System where the species could evade any persecution. While the Rogue Trader accepted the offer, she did as her duty to the Imperium dictated and lied to the Oretti. Instead of a safe haven, the Rogue Trader sent the Xenos to the nearby Messone Nebula, where they almost certainly met their deaths.[1]

However the Xenologist Janus Draik later encountered a trader in M42, who claimed to have seen Xenos matching the Oretti's description. The trader explained, though, that if they were the same species, the Oretti who no longer passive. Instead they were now heavily armed and far more warlike in their demeanor. Draik, who had studied the species, wondered if the Oretti had repented their peaceful ways and finally learned a lesson the Imperium well knows: the only way to coexist with anyone in the galaxy, is to conquer them.[1]

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