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2drones.gif Ambiguous Term? This article is about the Grey Knight. For other uses of Orias, see Orias (disambiguation).

Orias was a legendary Grey Knights Grand Master. It is said that when he lay in the Apothecarium following his battle with the Daemon Prince Herperitus[1a] (Plague Lord of the Death Guard) in M39[1b], tended by the Chief Apothecary himself, the entire Chapter awaited his death. For three days and nights they waited and Orias, his body shattered, never moved. But with the last of his strength he gave a single nod of his head, and the assembled Grey Knights Captains waiting outside quickly agreed that this must have been a nod of consent - with the last of his strength he had agreed to continue his service as a Dreadnought. Immediately a sarcophagus was prepared and the ritual of internment began.[1a]

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