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Oriax (Word Bearers)

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Oriax the Persuader is a Word Bearers Dark Apostle, who took part in the Horus Heresy and survived to continue to plague the Imperium well into M41.[1]

During that time he came into possession of a Tesseract Labyrinth, which contained an imprisoned Slaanesh Keeper of Secrets who communicated with the Dark Apostle and promised to grant his desire of immortally, in exchange for its freedom. Oriax agreed and the Dark Apostle soon led his Warband into the successful invasion of the Imperium world Kanak, which contained Xenos obelisks which could free the Daemon[1a]. After using his persuasive words to corrupt surviving Guardsmen of the Kanak Skull Takers, Oriax began a search for the obelisks[1b], but during that time a Space Wolves Strike Cruiser unexpedtedly appeared near Kanak. Though the Dark Apostle's Murder Class Cruiser destroyed the Strike Cruiser, some of the Space Wolves survived its crash onto Kanak. Though the Dark Apostle's forces hunted the survivors down[1c], a group of the Space Wolves rallied behind their leader, the Grey Hunter Valgard Twice-Slain, and began fighting back against the Word Bearers and their other Chaos forces[1c]. Despite being heavily outnumbered, Valgard's group of Space Wolves defeated every traitor they faced and soon found Oriax within a Xenos temple, where the Dark Apostle was conducting a Chaos ritual in front of an obelisk his Warband had discovered. As the Space Wolves entered the temple, Oriax graciously offered to share his reward of immortality, for freeing the Keeper of Secrets, if the Sons of Russ joined him in the worship of Chaos. The Space Wolves refused though and fought through the Dark Apostle's forces within the temple and defeated Oriax before he could complete the ritual. The energy unleashed by the Dark Apostle's ritual though, had awoken the temple's Necron creators, who soon emerged from their slumber and began attacking both the Word Bearers and Space Wolves.[1c]