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Orion Gunship

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Orion Assault Dropship art[3]

The Orion Gunship is a type of aircraft used by the Custodian Guard during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]


Created as a dedicated assault dropship for the Emperor's bodyguard, the Enyalus pattern Orion carried a full task force of Custodes into combat. Protected by frontal armor superior to that of the Astartes Thunderhawk, The Orion was equipped with two Arachnus Heavy Blaze Cannons and two nose-mounted twin-linked Lastrum Bolt Cannons that could swiftly clear a landing zone of enemy infantry and armor with brutal efficiency. The Orion gunship also carried as part of its equipment, two Spiculus Bolt Launchers, a Macro Arae-Shrike and an Eclipse Shield.[1][4]

It is unknown if it is still in use in the 41st Millennium.


Orion Gunship[2]

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