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Ork Aircraft

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Propeller aircraft



Main article: Deffkopta

Deffkoptas are the most common type of Ork aircraft - a single-seat attack craft, comprising little more than a Warbike-like frame screaming through the air on jet-assisted rotor blades. There's little standardization in Deffkoptas, but all are equipped with some kind of deadly weaponry. They are the result of decades of ongoing Meks experiments, pioneered by Kog da Flymek. The Deffkoptas main role is the one of long-range reconnaissance, but Deffkopta pilots also favour airborne attacks, using their deadly weaponry to ravage the enemy before charging. They are particularly popular within Speed Freaks and Evil Sunz warbands, where it's great speed and ability to traverse any terrain makes some Orks choose them over Warbikes.[1d][5]



Main article: Warkopta

Warkoptas, sometimes also nicknamed Chinorks, are large troop-carrying Ork rotary aircraft, geared less towards raining destruction down upon the enemy and more towards delivering as many Boyz to the battlefield as possible. It is a combination gunship, aerial transport, heavy lift and long range reconnaissance vehicle. These machines are favoured by Ork Kommandos in order to get behind enemy lines and with Goffs. These vehicles are a complex affair, featuring two huge rotor blades at either end of a long open fuselage, with a cluster of rokkit jets on one side and a cunning steering system on another. Despite their transport role, Warkoptas are equipped with powerful weaponry, making them even more threatening.[1d]

Winged aircraft



Main article: Fighta

Ork Fightas are the smallest type of aircraft produced by Ork Mekboyz, used for dog-fighting and ground attack. They are built for speed and firepower, typically carrying Big Shootas and a small wing of bomms and rokkits. Despite its crude design, a Fighta is easily a match for any Imperial Navy fighter and its engine is remarkably effective, capable of producing a huge amount of thrust. Ork Fighta pilots love nothing more then to fly in close to enemy aircraft and tear it apart with hail of dakka.[1a][8b]



Main article: Dakkajet

The Dakkajet is incredibly fast Ork aircraft propelled by a single, massive jet engine. It roars through the sky, gunz blazing a near constant stream of bullets from its Supa Shootas, tormenting fleeing infantry or enemy aircraft. Dakkajet pilots believe firmly in quantity over quality, and commonly bolt as many guns as possible to their aircraft - some of those bullets are bound to hit the target.[2a]



Main article: Burna-Bommer

For some Flyboyz, guns might not be as fun as flamethrowers. Orks love fire and it was therefore inevitable that someday a Mek would think of attaching canisters of volatile promethium to the underside of an Ork Bommer - thus the Burna-Bommer was born. Equipped with incendiary bombs and missiles, this aircraft performs its attack runs at as low an altitude as possible. Such a technique is, predictably dangerous, and not only for the target.[2b]



Main article: Blitza-Bommer

The Blitza-Bommer is an Ork dive bomber suitable for the bravest (some might say the most unhinged) Flyboys. These aircrafts 'aim' their bombs by diving at the target, releasing their Boom Bomb at the very last moment possible - something which tends to panic the onboard Grot Gunner. As every flyboy knows, you go much faster when plummeting downwards, and some Orks completely forget to pull out of their dive and end up smashing into the ground. Once they've blown everything up (and hopefully not themselves) then there's a pair of supa shootas ready to mop up any stray or squishy targets.[2c]


Wazbom Blastajet

Main article: Wazbom Blastajet

The Wazbom Blastajet is a aerial sky destroyer bristling with exotic weaponry and piloted by the maddest Mekboyz.[18]

Wazbom Blastajet


Main article: Fighta-Bommer


Heavy Bommer[11]

Heavy Bommer

Main article: Heavy Bommer


Blasta Bommer[11]

Mega Bommer

Main article: Mega Bommer


Blasta Bommer


Grot Bommer

Main article: Grot Bommer


Other aircraft



Main article: Ork Minelayer

Ork Minelayer is a strange Ork craft, suspended in mid air by powerful repulsor fields.Created by infamous Mekboy Orghamek, it is used to create whole minefields of floating Repulsor Mines. Alternatively, it is occasionally used for repair works or simply as a dropship. Despite their indirect uses, Minelayers are still Ork ships and are usually equipped with powerful weaponry.[3]



Main article: Landa

Landa is a name for large transport aircraft Orks use to land troops and smaller vehicles from orbiting spacecraft to the surface and to quickly move them from one battlefield to another. They are slower and more ponderous than any Ork or Imperial Aircraft but are extremely tough and can ignore damage deadly to most aircraft. Landas are equipped with numerous gun turrets and rokkits that allow them to lay down an impressive rain of fire against enemy aircraft that get close enough or support disembarking troops once on the ground.[4]

Ork Assault Boat

Orks make use of assault boats for boarding actions during space battles. More or less equivalent to other races' counterparts, they basically are an Ork-filled armoured shell with a piercing beak at one end and a great big engine at the other. Resembling Boarding Torpedoes almost as much as they do Attack Craft, these machines are quite effective at delivering their deadly cargo to a target despite their simplistic nature.[7]

Ork Drop Pod

Kustom Ork Megabommer[9]

Orks are also known to use starship-launched landing craft, analogous to Space Marine Drop Pods, although usually far larger. Sometimes referred to as Krash-Kapsuls, they were used during The Fires of Phaistos. They are rarely used as most Orks prefer to use Roks as makeshift drop pods.[6]

Kustom Aircraft

Some Ork Mekboys don't limit themselves with any logical concepts and create custom vehicles to their liking. Their work may result in all kinds of bizzare aircraft, all of which are inevitably deadly on the battlefield.

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