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Ork Armour

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The following is a list of Armour commonly used by Orks. It is as varied as the rest of Ork technology and some items may defy categorisation, but most fall under one of these listed categories.


A Shield is little more then a metal plate strapped to an Ork's arm, that allows him to block an enemy's blows in close combat and shelter behind it when shot at. It is rarely used, as most Orks would prefer to carry one more weapon into combat, rather then bother about their protection.[2]

'Ard Hat

Made of a slab of metal beaten into a rough bowl shape and embellished with rivets, and sometimes with added horns, 'Ard Hats are heavy helmets, that complement the protection offered by the Orks' legendary thick skull.[5]

Iron Gob

These massive facial appliances are bolted onto an Ork's armour, or onto the Ork's jaw itself. They exaggerate the already fearsome appearance of these green brutes and are often viewed as symbols of authority. As such, they are often found on Ork Nobs and Warbosses.[5]

Studded Armour

Studded Armour is made of tanned Squig skin with occasional metal plates. It is commonly worn by all Ork Boys, because it looks hard and offers some protection, especially against primitive weapons, such as spears or arrows.[2] These heavy leathers are the most common type of Ork armour, and Orks often use the colour of their squigshade to show allegiance to a particular Clan or Warboss.[5]

Flak Armour

Flak Armour is basically a heavier version of Studded Armour, made with several layers of Squig skin studded with nuts and bolts and more metal plates to make it more resistant to incoming damage.[2]

'Eavy Armour

Main article: 'Eavy Armour

'Eavy Armour is made up of several metal plates, often actually riveted to the Ork. The solid plates give good protection against incoming damage but it is cumbersome to wear.[1a][2]

Mega Armour

Main article: Mega Armour

Mega armour is a suit of massively thick and heavy armour over a powered exoskeleton, that gives its wearer great resilence and incorporates a Power Claw and Kombi-Weapon or twin-linked Shootas, but slows him down because of its weight.[1b]

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