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Ork Artillery

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the types of Ork artillery pieces; for the Gretchin-manned weapons, see Big Guns.
Ork Artillery pieces[23]

This article lists the common categories of Ork static artillery pieces. They often vary in manufacturing and appearance but usually have similar characteristics.

For Ork Self-Propelled artillery, see Ork Vehicles (List)



The Lobba is a large Ork artillery piece firing in high arcs, 'lobbing' a high explosive shell into the air, much like mortars. It is often used to pound enemy infantry squads over intervening obstacles. Most lobbas look like big mortars or rokkits, although the Lobbas used by Snakebites or other primitive tribes may take the form of a catapult or trebuchet. They are often mounted on various Ork vehicles from Gunwagons to Battle Fortresses or used as Big Guns. When used in this role, Lobbas are Grot's favourite artillery pieces, because they don't require for them to expose themselves to the enemy to use them.[1a][2a][7]

Big Lobba

A Big Lobba is a more powerful version of the Lobba sometimes mounted on heavy ork vehicles such as Big Trakks or Battle Fortresses. It has a bigger blast but the same range as a standard Lobba. It is basically the Ork equivalent of the Heavy Mortar used by the Imperial Guard[2a]


The Supa-lobba is an even heavier version of the Lobba. It is normally mounted on Squiggoths or Battle Fortresses. It works like a normal lobba but is powerful enough to damage heavily armoured tanks. Again, its blast is even bigger but the range is the same.[2a]

'Eavy Lobba


The Bubblechukka is an example of force field technology, weaponised by Orks rather than being used for protection. It fires unstable force bubbles at the enemy that explode on impact. They vary wildly in size and solidity, some like large balls that hit with a negligible strength, whilst others float down like small soap bubbles and, after bursing, inflict heavy damage.[25]



The Kannon is the most common Ork artillery piece, a heavy gun frequently mounted on Ork vehicles, from Gun Trukks to Battle Fortresses or simply used as Big Guns. It is often considered a great joke among Kannon crews to feign a dud shell in the kannon and make one of their fellow members retrieve it. Woe betide the unlucky Grot called in to retrieve such a "dud", as his crew members will invariably proceed to fire the gun with him half-inside. This leads to death, dismemberment, decapitation, broken Kannons, bloody lower bodies of Grots whole only from the waist down found near Kannon muzzles, or to the unnaturally fortunate Gretchin, at the very least a prompt deafening. Kannons fire two types of ammunition:[1a][2a]

  • Frag - large bore frag round used for blasting enemy infantry
  • Shell - solid shot shell used for punching through tank armour


The Killkannon is a huge weapon often mounted on top of heavier Ork vehicles such as Battlewagons or Big Trakks and used to hammer enemy infantry as the ork hordes close in. They can also be found on Mega Dreads. Like all Ork weapons, Killkannons make a deafening amount of noise, and are much appreciated by all Orks who are nearby.[2a][1c]


Boom Gun

A Boom Gun is a huge cannon sometimes mounted on Looted Wagons and often looted with the vehicle itself. It is characteristically a shorter-ranged version of an Imperial Battle Cannon.[2a][1b]


The Supa-kannon is an enlarged version of the standard Ork Kannon found on Ork Big Trakks, Battlewagons or Battle Fortresses. These massive artillery pieces are designed for destroying enemy positions and fortifications and are usually crewed by Gretchin gunners. It is a shorter-ranged version of the Earthshaker Cannon and often is just that cannon, looted and a little 'orkified'.[2a][2b]

Krusha Kannon

The Krusha Kannon is a main weapon of a Kill Krusha, a turret-mounted, heavy-bore, high velocity gun capable of firing a variety of different shells. This powerful gun quickly gained a well-deserved reputation among the Orks' enemies. It is believed to have been invented by the infamous Murda-Meks of Tigrus in late M40. While its grot-served auto-loader gubbinz are a miracle of Ork design, they don't always work as intended. Sometimes grots may get caught in the gears of elastic breaks or fit the shell backwards, resulting in a catastrophic explosion. The Krusha Kannon has the following assortment of ammunition types:[2a][2e]

  • Boom Shell - standard explosive round, favoured by the Grots firing the cannon due to the big boom it makes on impact
  • Tankhamma Shell – armour-piercing shell used to blast enemy vehicles apart
  • Scrap Kanister – shrapnel-filled charges able to rip through swathes of enemy infantry
  • Blast Burna - incendiary ammunition, which can drench fortifications with burning chemicals to roast alive anyone caught inside

Kustom Mega-Kannon

The kustom mega-kannon is essentially a much bigger version of the Kustom mega-blasta. This profusion of worky gubbinz and zappy bits works as a potent anti-tank weapon, but is as unstable as its smaller cousin.[25]

Smasha Gun

The Smasha Gun is an Ork weapon based on Lifta-droppa technology. It works by trapping it’s target in a localised force field, hoisting them aloft and, with horrible finality, crushing them against the ground.[26]

Traktor Kannon

Traktor Kannon is an Ork weapon akin to a massive magnet. When the weapon fires it’s thrumming beam of force high into the air, the crew swing this beam about wildly until they manage to latch the humming column onto an airborne target. Once captured by the beam, their hapless victim is wrenched out of the air and smashed on the ground below. [27]

Bursta Kannon

The Bursta Kannon is weapon sometimes mounted on Kill Bursta tanks. It is known for its incredible tank-ripping power.[2a]

Skulhamma Kannon

The Skulhamma Kannon is a main weapon of Skullhamma Battle Fortresses, similar in characteristics to a Baneblade's main cannon.[2a]


The Seacannon is a powerful Ork weapon, mounted on Ork Submersibles.[14]

Deth Kannon

The Deth Kannon is an enormous cannon and one of the most long-ranged Ork weapons. It is used as a main ranged weapon on Stompas, sometimes mounted with coaxial Supa-Gatler or Gigashoota.[2a][13]

Belly Gun

Belly Guns are ridiculously sized weapons, that Stompas sometimes mount in mimicry of their larger cousins, Gargants. Its shells are the size of a Warbike and are simply jam packed with explosives and shrapnel-producing scrap. The resulting explosions sometimes level whole swathes of the battlefield and at other times only devastate a smaller patch. It takes a very long time to reload a Belly Gun and as such it has a very slow rate of fire. It is also wildly inaccurate, but its power is immense: it have been observed to blow off the leg of a Warhound Titan and shatter Imperial Super heavy tanks with one shot. It is also one of the most long-ranged Ork weapons. The Belly Gun is usually mounted on Stompas but is sometimes used as a main weapon of Kill Burstas.[2a][2d]


The Soopagun is enormously large and powerful artillery piece that can be mounted on Ork Gargants, Gunwagons, Gunfortresses or used as Soopa Gun.[20a]

Soopa Zzap Gun

The Soopa Zzap Gun is an enlarged version of the Zzap Gun that can be mounted on Ork Gargants.

Skullkrusha Mega-Cannon

Skullkrusha Mega-Cannon is the biggest known ground-based Ork cannon, dwarfed only by spaceship weaponry in size. It is mounted exclusively on Mega-Gargants.[20b]

Rocket Artillery

Pulsa Rokkit

The Pulsa Rokkit is an enormous rocket, that contains a large and unstable force field generator. It is a special version of Kustom Force Field, mounted on a rocket and launched into enemy ranks. The generator is modified into a special version called a Pulsa and detaches from the rocket and slowly descends (hopefully) to the ground.[28]

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