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Ork Battleship

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A Slamblasta Battleship[1]
Ork Deadnot

Ork Battleships, also called Deadnots[3], are a classification of massive Ork warships.


Orks do not have any Battleships per se, but during major conflicts such as the Gothic War and Third Armageddon War, continual salvage and "improvements" saw a handful of Hammer Battlekroozers grow to such size and power that they defied any other description. These massive vessels bristled with countless Gunz, Heavy Gunz, Missile Launchers, and Bombardment Cannons as well as hangers for Attack Craft. Battleship-class Ork vessels could lay waste to entire Imperial Navy squadrons.[1]

Thankfully, there was only a few such ships, with each one being unique, and not a part of an actual class.[1]

Notable Ork "Battleships"


Supa Battleship miniatures:[2]


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