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Ork Bioniks

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Orks make use of many advanced tecnologies usually considered to be too complex for this race to master. One of them is the technology of cybernetic implants. In fact, Orks probably have a greater range of bionic parts than any other race.


Usually Doks who find themselves with limbless patients will simply try to sew on another limb from another, recently deceased, patient. This works very well most of the time, however Doks occasionally find themselves out of limbs and pressured by Meks, on request by rich clients, possessed by an experimental urge or just looking for a good challenge. It is at this time that Doks decide to start grafting on metal parts instead of flesh.[1b][2a][3]

Kustom bioniks are made by Mekboys especially for Painboys who install them so it is a product of a tense collaboration between these two castes of Oddboys. Meks and Doks often work together, but rarely as closely as they do on cyborks. Together, the collective ingenuity and insanity of the two Weirdboyz skyrockets, and they craft up all sorts of maniac concoctions to stick onto their "patients". Depending on the injuries their patient suffered they may just replace the missing part with a bionic one, similar to imperial bionics. But sometimes the Dok's imagination may go wild, which may result in all kinds of crazy and unpredictable implants like exploding legs, steam-driven squig launchers, chestplate-integrated shootas, and strobe light enemy-blinders. The effectiveness of any of these creations is random at best, and sometimes negligible to their creators. On occasion, the Meks and Doks create something so deadly that every Nob in the warband wants one, and the amazing power of these Cybork killing machines causes the Warboss to steamroll all the other warbands near him and begin a full-blown Waaagh! Such is the power of a good cybork that warbosses often overlook the sometimes self-destructive creations that shamble out a Dok's tent after a bad cybork job.[1b][2a][3]


Bionik Arms

These are usually attached to Orks who suffered hand or arm wounds. The simplest implants restore the hand completely, and sometimes patient may find that he is more mobile than ever as a result of a particularly imaginative job. Some implants may incorporate a weapon such as Slugga or Choppa. Some Orks love their weapon so much they cut off their arm so that they may always have it with them - especially if they are lucky enough to own a Power Klaw. Mad Doks may also install all kinds of kustom weaponry or even more strange devices such as telescopic arms, grappling hooks or cages with ferocious Squigs to be unleashed in close combat.[2a]

Bionik Legs

These may range from simple peg-legs used by Ork Freebooters to highly advanced hover units. Applied to Orks who suffer leg wounds, these implants restore the user to full mobility. Some of them may feature wheels, rokkit boots or other tricky devices allowing them to move much faster. These Orks are often known as Turbo-Killas.[2a][4]. A popular for of Bionik Legs are known as Soopa-legz, which are implanted beneath an Ork's knees. Using Orky ingenuity allows the legs' users to propel themselves at much higher speeds than normal. Grot Orderlies that accompany Painbosses are given a motorbike wheel to replace their legs, in order to keep up with their tasks.[15]

Rebuilt Cranium

Some Orks may benefit from head bioniks. The simplest of these take the form of bionik eyes that are pretty common even among simple Boyz. More complex devices may feature auto-senses, targeters or allow the user to see in different spectrums. Some Mad Doks may go deeper. The patient will never be the same again, but may acquire enhanced abilities together with the iron, steel or tungsten skull plates which have been bolted or riveted in place. Enhanced intellect rarely results from such a surgery, one notable example of the opposite being Ghazghkull Thraka.[2a]

Doc's Surprise

Some Doks don't limit their imagination with any logical thoughts and occasionally make crazy rebuilds of their patients. If he is unlikely to survive through normal methods, the Painboy will feel justified in attempting to restore him with one of his latest experimental devices, or drastic transplant surgery. Orks' natural resilience means that the patient may actually survive some of these rescuing attempts. After awakening he will be forever changed to surprise of everyone, most especially for the patient himself.[2a]


Sometimes Orks get critically injured in battle but survive to fight again later after an extensive rebuild that turns them in as much as a machine as an Ork - a Cybork. The Cybork Body is effectively a complete rebuild of the Orks body using crude cybernetics and bionic implants. Often made with built in armour plates and weaponry, this makes Orks extremely tough and able to shrug off hits that other fleshy Orks would be downed by. These bionics can range from crude and simple to extremely complex and overbuilt. Either way, the Orks robust physiology adapts fairly well to the comparatively poor-quality and unsanitarily-attached grafts. These rebuilds will require a great sums of teef to complete and as such usually found only on rich Orks, though some Mad Docs just can't resist to 'improve' everything they can lay their hands on.[1b][3] They may get carried away and actually leave little of the Ork left. The resulting "Tinboy Brutes" become very slow but it becomes very hard to damage them thanks to their new metal bodies.[4]

Cybork Madboyz

Orks driven insane by the crazed experimentation and surgery of over-enthusiastic Painboyz and Mad Doks, Cybork Madboyz are cybernetic killing machines that are inured to pain and almost uncontrollable on the field of battle. More machine than green, these Orks have been extensively modified, with mechanical limbs and metal ‘eads, making them ideal – if unpredictable – shock troops, leading the charge into the enemy.[13]

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