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Ork Domains

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"There are beasts among the stars, beasts that would crush our lives, make ash of our worlds and break all that we hold sacred. The beasts wait in the dark and shunned reaches like the things glimpsed in the forests of old, things that looked out with red, shining eyes and hearts filled with the joy of ruin."
- from
Remarks on the Nature on the Unknown by Estivan Mauritin, advisor to Rogue Trader Hiram Sult.[11]

The Orks are the most widespread of the sentient races, inhabiting worlds across the whole of the known galaxy, and probably throughout the whole universe. There are Ork realms, Ork Empires and untold numbers of isolated Ork Worlds. Wherever humanity may travel in the universe, there are Orks. The universe is Orkdom, the domain of Orks, and the Eldar say that the Orks have become part of reality itself.[7][2]

Ork Expansion

Orks in the Galaxy[14]

Very little is known about the beginning of Ork expansion. It occurs sporadically, giving them an entirely random pattern of settlement through the galaxy. Their main way of expansion is known as Waaagh! — combination of mass-scale migration and holy war through which Orks have managed to get hold on innumerable worlds all over the galaxy. Their expansion is aided by their natural toughness, allowing them to survive in the harshest of conditions and colonise very inhospitable worlds. Particularly successful Waaaghs! capture great swathes of space, resulting in creation of Ork Empires. These are not connected to each other and despite their control over a significant part of known space, Ork Domains are not a united or cohesive organisation - rather they are a collection of thousands of individual territories and empires. These independent factions are as likely to fight with each other as they are with any other species which are sometimes even hard to find in Ork-controlled territories. Due to specifics of Orkoid reproduction, Ork-controlled planets are very hard to recapture and even failed Ork invasions allow them to get hold on the planet. It is widely known that once the world has seen the war with Orks, it is never free from it again as new generations of Feral Orks grow in distant corners to begin new years of bloody conflicts and giving birth to even more Orks.[7][2]

Ork Empires

A particularly successful Ork Warlord may capture a great number of planets and form an Ork Empire. There are many such empires in the galaxy. Some, such as Ork Empire of Bork are relatively new, while others pre-date the Imperium itself. These empires often fight with each other but sometimes unite their forces in a truly apocalyptic conflicts. Known Ork Empires include:[7][2]

Ork Empire of Charadon

This empire is one of the biggest, covering Charadon Sector. Its ruler is known as the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon. Despite its power, in the face of the Tyranids the Empire of Charadon is beginning to wane.[15] Current Arch-Arsonist, Snagrod, recently captured a large part of Loki Sector during Waaagh! Snagrod and is believed to be leading a new Waaagh! into Ultramar.[1a][2a]

Known worlds of the Ork Empire of Charadon include:

Ork Empire of Octarius

This empire is one of the biggest, covering Octarius Sector. Its ruler is known as the Overfiend of Octarius. The Overfiend Blaktoof, led the counterattack against Hive Fleet Leviathan in the Octarius War.[1a][2a] Known worlds of the Ork Empire of Octarius include:

Former Ork Worlds in the Empire:

Other Ork Empires

Primary Ork Domains[2a]
  • Ork Empire of Bork. Its ruler is known as the Mighty Mangler of Bork. It was formed during Waaagh! Bork, lead by the first Mighty Mangler, Warboss Klawjaw, who conquered the world of Bork (known to Imperium as Bhorc Prime) and many other worlds including a large portion of the Ghoul Stars and a great area of galactic fringe. Known worlds of the Ork Empire of Bork include:[2c][10]
  • Ork Empire of Calverna, located far in Galactic West. Its ruler, known as the Arch-Maniac of Calverna leads a Waaagh! against the Imperium. Orks of Calverna are well-equipped with tanks and guns but their attacks are random and display little in the way of logic or coherent strategy.[15] Known worlds of the Ork Empire of Calverna include:[1a][2a]
  • Ork Empire of Jagga, located far in Galactic East. Its ruler is known as the Great Tyrant of Jagga.[1a][2a]
  • Ork Empire of Orguk. Its ruler is known as the Big Boss of Orguk.[1b]
  • Ork Empire of Gathrog, located near the Eye of Terror. Its ruler is known as the Arch-Dictator of Gathrog. This Ork Empire has been at war with the Ork Empire of Dregruk for decades. The two empires field such numbers that if they were to ever unite, the resulting Waaagh could devastate the Cadian Gate.[1a][2a][15]
  • Ork Empire of Kryptos, located far in Galactic North. Its ruler is known as Da Big Bad Beast of Kryptos. He leads a large Waaagh! throughout the northern Galaxy.[1a]
  • Ork Empire of Kragfang. Its ruler is known as the Great Hooligan of Kragfang. He leads a large Waaagh! through Segmentum Tempestus[1a]

Ork Worlds

Primary Ork activity in 998.M41.[1a]

Ork Worlds are any planet where Orks are the dominant species. These can be worlds that have been occupied by Orks for generations, or more recently conquered planets where Orks have exterminated or enslaved the original populace. Orks constantly capture new planets and lose old ones. Known Ork Worlds not included in listed Ork Empires are:[7][2]

Former Ork Worlds

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