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Ork Explosives

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This article lists the common categories of Grenades, Bombs, Missiles, Mines and other explosive weapons used by Orks. They often vary in manufacturing and appearance but usually have similar characteristics.



Hold on to da pin, throw da uvver part.

Ork Tankbusta[11]

Stikkbombs are Ork grenades in the form of a stick with the explosive part at the top and the pin at the bottom. The stick handle is very useful, allowing the grenade to be easily carried stuffed down a boot or through a belt. The main reason for the popularity of the design is its brutal appearance and appropriate sense of size and power. Two words best describe them - big and loud. Orks are known to use them as improvised clubs in close combat, often to lethal effect.[2][6][15][18]

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  • Stikkbombs - Most common and basic type, these are Ork equivalents of Imperial frag grenades, that takes full advantage of Orks' strength. They are much larger and heavier but contain cruder explosives so their effects are comparable[2][6][15][18]
  • Krak Stikkboms - Rarer version analogous to Imperial krak grenades and used against enemy vehicles.[1]
  • Stunbombs - Orks use these to stun enemy infantry units. They are usually used by Ork Kommandos.[14]
  • Stinkbombs - These are made from cultured fungus and other unsavoury substances and release clouds of noxious green vapour. Its stench is beyond description and they have great effect on any non-Orkoid creature with a sense of smell.[15]
  • Fungus Gas Bombs - These stikkbombs contain gas made from very old fermented fungus. It is not harmful to Orkoids, since they are symbiothic with fungus but all other living creatures absorb harmful fungal poisons inside their bodies.[18]
  • Firey Stikkbombs - Filled with flammable liquids, these stikkbombs are used to cover target area in flames. They are usually used by Ork Kommandos.[14]
  • Smokey Stikkbombs - On detonation these stikkboms cover area in clouds of smoke, reducing visibility. They function similarly to Imperial smoke grenades. They are usually used by Ork Kommandos.[14][18]
  • Goo-bombs - This bomb contains a sticky green ooze derived from the old fermented leftovers of some Squigs. After bursting it creates a slick of sticky black squig goo. Anyone trying to pass it risks th be gummed up, though it dries after a while, allowing the victim to break free.[18]
  • Buzz-bombs - This unusual bomb contains a swarm of trapped carnivorous Buzzer Squigs. It bursts releasing a swarm of hungry buzzing creatures which devour anything unfortunate enough to be caught in the swarm area.[18]

'Sploding Squigs

Not to be confused with Bomb Squigs

'Sploding Squigs are an unusual subspecies of Squig, possessing multiple stomachs, each containing a thick broth of unstable digestive chemicals. When agitated, most often simply by active shaking, its digestive juices combine into a combusting liquid, causing the Squig to explode in a shower of meat, teeth and bone. Orks are known to force-feed these Squigs metal bits to enhance their lethality. They are usually thrown in combat, but can be used as mines.[15]

Super Stikkbombs

A Super Stikkbomb is an 'upgraded' version of a Krak Stikkbomb. It is, simply put, a large number of Krak Stikkbombs wired together, designed to make the biggest bang possible. They were, as most things are, invented by the Mekboyz and are a lot more dangerous and liable to kill the user as well as destroy whatever vehicle they are chucked at.[1]

Tankbusta Bombs

Tankbusta Bombs are heavy magnetic discs size and shape of manhole covers. They are directional and are used when Stikkbombs simply aren't sufficient to destroy something (and as such are more attractive to many Orks). They are attached to the vehicles by magnetic clamps and detonated with deadly efficiency. They are commonly used by Tankbustas and Kommandos.[2a] They are powerful enough to blow off chunks of ceramite and adamantium from the hulls of Land Raiders.[25]

Burna Bottles

Burna Bottles are molotov cocktail-style incendiary grenades.



Despite their name, Bigbomms are the smallest type of Ork bombs, carried by Deffkoptas and Warkoptas.[20]


Ork Bomms are basically Ork equivalents of Imperial Bombs. They can be mounted on almost any ork aircraft, including Fightas[5d], Fighta-Bommers[5f] and Heavy Bommers.[5g]

Burna Bombs

The Burna Bomb is a variant of a standard Bomm, that can be mounted on Ork Fighta-Bommers or Burna-Bommers. When these bombs explode they blanket vast swathes of the battlefield with burning promethium.[3]

Boom Bombs

Boom Bombs, also known as Big Bombs are heavier versions of a standard Ork Bomm. These huge, crude and unsubtle bombs serve as the main armament of Blitza-Bommers.[3]

Grot Bomm

Grot Bomms are small Gretchin-piloted kamikaze aircraft launched by Grot Bommers.[29]

Mega Bomms

Mega Bomms are massive Ork bombs used by Mega Bommers[27].



Rokkits are the shorter-ranged Orkish variant of Imperial Krak Missiles. They tend to be unreliable, but usually are extremely effective. They are also very loud, which is a big plus for any self-respecting Ork warrior.[6b] They can be mounted on Fightas.[5d]

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Skorcha Missiles

The Skorcha Missile is a variant of Ork Rokkit, that are mounted on Ork Burna-Bommers. These "fire and fergit" rokkits corkscrew wildly toward their target before exploding in great balls of flame.[3]


Supa-Rokkits are enormous versions of simple Ork rokkits, that are sometimes mounted on Stompas[5d], Fighta-Bommers[5d], Heavy Bommers or Battle Fortresses.[5g]

Tankbusta Rokkits

Tankbusta Rokkits are anti-vehicle missiles mounted of Ork Landas.[19a]

Grot Bombs

You can't escape da Grot Bomb!

Ork Flyboy[11]

Grot Bombs are Ork guided missiles, piloted by a single Gretchin. That makes it a very accurate weapon, especially for Orks. The Gretchin sacrifices himself to drive the missile to its target, but whether this is a punishment or reward is unknown. It is possible that Ork Mekboyz do not make the Gretchin pilots fully aware of their ultimate fate.[5c] They can be mounted on Trakks, Fighta-Bommers,[5f] Heavy Bommers or Battle Fortresses.[5g]

Pulsa Rokkits

Main article: Pulsa Rokkit

The Pulsa Rokkit is a unusual Ork missile equipped with an unstable force field generator, which collapses at the moment of the Rokkit's impact, resulting in a devastating explosion. Due to its huge size it is usually mounted on a special building.[10]

Krooz Missiles

Krooz Missiles are the biggest Ork missiles, enormous in size and power. These are mounted exlusevly on Ork Mega-Gargants.[19c]


Booby Traps

Orks use a various types of explosives, that can be detonated remotely to demolish buidings and deal damage to enemy forces. Particularly cunning Orks sometimes carry explosive devices around, equipped with a tricky mechanism so that they can detonate after their death, avenging their owner.[16]

Ork Landmines

Orks are known to use landmines. They contain huge amounts of explosive, but otherwise are more or less identical to other races' counterparts.[11] Orks are known to leave some mines clearly visible, and others buried, so that their enemies would presume to know where not to step and blow themselves up on hidden mines. Orks are often unsatisfied with a concept of a mine, that forces them to take a defensive position, but many of them still find the idea of a crude bomb exploding in the middle of enemy ranks very enjoyable.[9]

Repulsor Mines

To reconcile the defensive role of mines, Orks use Repulsor Mines, invented by Orghamek. They hover in the air, supported by repulsor fields, brought into place by Ork Minelayers. When an enemy tries to pass under one of the mines, its weak repulsor field collapses and it falls down. The unlucky trespasser is torn to shreds by a massive explosion, if the fall of a heavy mine doesn't kill him first.[9]

Orbital Mines

Orbital Mines are large proximity or contact-detonated mines laid in the depths of space or orbiting worlds as defensive measures. They are basically Ork equivalents of Imperial Naval Mines, used by Ork pirate forces for defending hidden bases, disabling enemy craft, or deterring pursuers.[16]


Bomb Squigs

Orks sometimes use Squigs as running explosives, exploiting their natural tendency to chase anything that moves. Explosives are strapped to their sides or gripped firmly in their teeth and when properly goaded, they run headlong at the desired target, usually enemy vehicles. The best bomb squigs will have undergone rudimentary training to hunt enemy tanks, chasing through the tribe’s encampment after a looted wagon to snatch juicy Snotling rewards off its back bumper. However, these creatures are not famed for their intellect and can sometimes chase a friendly vehicle instead - a price Orks are willing to pay. Bomb squigs have been seen taking to the field strapped with everything from tankbusta bombs and pressure-mines to directionally explosive cranial transplants, but usually are equipped with as many Stikkbombs as possible.[15] Imperial post-action reports even claim that the Ultresica Breach Disaster began with a single, mad-eyed bomb squig charging into the midst of the Corscan 3rd Artillery with a filched vortex grenade clamped between its teeth.[23] These living weapons are usually used by Ork Tankbustas.[2a]

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