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Ork Flame Weapons

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Orks take savage delight in the pure destructive power of fire. To that end, they create a wide variety of flame weapons. They are as varied as all Ork weaponry. No two look the same, and several defy exact categorization, being the unique creation of a particularly inventive Mek.

Ork-Portable Weapons


The Burna is the basic Ork flame weapon, akin to an Imperial Flamer. Most burnas a little more than cans of fuel hooked up to a pump, they are devastating on a battlefield.Orks obsessed with fire often equip themselves with Burnas, forming up mobs of Burna Boyz.[2a][3c][7]

Kombi Shoota-Skorcha

The Kombi Shoota-Skorcha is a variant of Kombi-Weapon, that uses a Skorcha with a limited supply of fuel as a secondary weapon to a Shoota. It is used by Orks that can afford such a weapon, such as Nobs or Warbosses.[2b]

Splash Burna

The Splash Burna is what happens when you ask a Mek boy to take parts from a Space Marine plasma weapon and combine them with a standard Ork Burna.[11]

Vehicle-Mounted Weapons


The Skorcha is literally a flame-thrower, a device designed to hurl burning fuel, with a volatile mixture of gases and liquids compressed into a cylinder.[1][2b][5]


The Supa-Skorcha is an even bigger flame weapon that is sometimes mounted on Mekboy Junkas or Mega Dreads.[3a]

Flame Belcha

The Flame Belcha is an enormous flamer that can be mounted in a Stompa's head[3a][3b] This weapon really lives up to its name, as the torrents of flame can incinerate vast swathes of the enemy army.

Burna Bombs

The Burna Bomb is a variant of Ork Bomm, that can be mounted on Ork Fighta-Bommers or Burna-Bommers. When these bombs explode they blanket vast swathes of the battlefield with burning promethium.[4]

Skorcha Missiles

The Skorcha Missile is a variant of Ork Rokkit, that can be mounted on Ork Burna-Bommers. These "fire and fergit" rokkits corkscrew wildly toward their target before exploding in great balls of flame.[4]

Splasha Attack Gun

The Splasha Attack Gun is a massive Ork flame weapon mounted on Gargants.[12]


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