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Ork Fleet

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Ork Fleet.

Orks are not particularly adept space-farers, and as such, their fleets tend to be ramshackle affairs. Built using anything from destroyed hulks to asteroids, Ork ships are often unreliable and held together only by constant effort from Mekboyz and their Gretchin helpers.[1]

What Ork fleets do have going for them is firepower, typically backed up by thick prow armour. This means that the typical Ork "tactic" of charging forward with guns blazing actually works reasonably well.[1]

Most Ork fleets are piratical affairs, with nothing much larger than the iconic Kill Kroozer. Large Battleships are rare.[2] However, a Waaagh! fleet can get much more potent, and much more dangerous. Usually based around an Ork-infested Space Hulk, larger ships like Hammer Battlekroozers start appearing as the Ork fleet goes from (admittedly potent) raiders to full-blown fleets capable of taking on Imperial battlefleets.[2]


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