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Ork Quotes

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This article collects all famous quotes made about or by Orks and/or Gretchin. The quotes are organized in alphabetical order using the author's name.


Speaker Quote Source
Bad Moons Klan You're rich! You're flashy! You 'ave a proppa Orky stoutness about your belly! And you've got more big, shooty, and dead 'ard gear than any 2 other Orks put together. Da uvver clans orta make way for da Bad Moons! Fanatic Online 48 - Building a Bad Moon Ork Army
Bawbag Gitstompa, Meganob I'se got 'da teef, I'se got 'da loot, I'se got 'da dakka, an' I'se got 'dis 'ere mega-armour. 'Dat's why wot I sez goes aroun' 'ere, ya runty Grots. Try me any time ya'z feelin like a beatin'! Only War: Enemies of the Imperium, pg. 52
Bigmaw, Ork Runtherd Travellin' through space is boring. Well, boring unless da hulk yer on is full of dem gene-sneakers, or a base fer da chaos lads wiv da spikes, or already has Boyz on it. Or if humie lootas come callin', that's always good fer a bit a sport. Or unless yer have a mutiny or two to pass da time, or unless strange fings start happenin', which dey usually do when yer out in da warp. One time we had some bloody great ugly fing come straight out of Weird Lugwort's 'ed! It butchered half da lads, that was pretty entertainin'. Come ter fink of it, space is a pretty good larf. And that's before yer find yerself a nice world ta crush! Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 18
Bluddflagg, Ork Kaptin Dem Inquisishun humies can't be trusted any further dan day can be thrown, which in dat one's case might be a bad example. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution
Borzash Geargrinda, Big Mek Da boss already et 'af a dozen uv 'im Squigs, kilt tree uv 'im Nobz, an' pinned Halshaz's ears to a plank wit a coupla spikes 'dis mornin'. Mad? Nah, 'e's not mad. Dis is a good day. Only War: Enemies of the Imperium, pg. 48
Warboss Brakka Now git out there and krush dem all! https://web.archive.org/web/19980121130232/http://www.games-workshop.com/games/warhammer40000/orks.html (saved archive page, dated January 1998, last accessed 08 February 2020)
Goff Warboss Bugrat Skumdreg All Orks is equal, but some Orks are more equal dan uvvas.
-on being accused of taking more than his fair share of the booty from the latest battle
'Ere We Go, p. 24
Buzzgob da Burna Boy, Ork Warlord Hur, hur, hur... look at Lubdog’s lads gettin’ all killed off. Stupid tin ’eds should save some ammo. Roktoof’s gitz will be arrivin’ any second now... Strategy Cards for Planetary Empires expansion game, card Reinforcements - Minor Stratagem", (saved archive page, dated February 2011, last accessed 6 October 2015)


Speaker Quote Source
Chor, Da Bluddrokk, Speed Freak Now, where’z we gunna get enough red paint ta make a sumfing as ‘uge as dis Kill Kroozer go fasta? FFG Teaser to the "Boundless Hate" - Warpack to the Warhammer 40'000 Conquest Card Game
Commissar Ciaphas Cain I was bright enough even then to know a serious threat when I saw one.... For one thing, the creatures running towards me were big, and bulging with muscle in a fashion I'd only previously seen on ogryns. Even a Catachan would have looked distinctly puny next to one of these monstrosities. Tiny red eyes glared from beneath an exaggerated brow ridge, but unlike the holos I'd seen, they were alive with malevolence, and what, if not exactly intelligence, was the kind of instinctive cunning which quite often made up for its lack.
-during the Siege of Perlia
Death or Glory (Novel) - Ciaphas Cain: Defender of the Imperium (Omnibus) by Sandy Mitchell,
Chapter Six, pg. 75
I've got to know a great deal more about these creatures over the last century or so, since that first disconcerting encounter, and one thing I've seen time and again is that dismissing them as simple, unreasoning brutes is a fast route to the graveyard (or more likely their stomachs).
Despite their bulk they moved swiftly, and with a kind of grace completely at odds with their appearance, every movement economical and precise.


Speaker Quote Source
Dagskar Snotgob, Gretchin Slaver
-at the battle of Ursus Prime
Boss, boss? Shouldn’t we ‘ave appeared over dere? Strategy Cards for Planetary Empires expansion game, card Displacer Field - Minor Stratagem", (saved archive page, dated February 2011, last accessed 6 October 2015)
Dedeye, Kaptin Gork loves me, and Mork finks I is da best. No puny oomies is gonna kill me, not when da greenest gods in da galaxy is watchin’ me! Strategy Cards for Planetary Empires expansion game, card "Battle Fate - Minor Stratagem", (saved archive page, dated February 2011, last accessed 5 October 2015)
Bugsplatta Defnik of the Red Wheelz Speed Freeks We’s stomped ’umies, we’s blown up stuff and we’s driven our traks from one end of da world to da uvva. We’s gonna come back next year! Epic Armageddon Rulebook, pg. 69
legendary Ork Smartboy Derek Zog The best means of Attack is Defence, an' the best means of Attack is a really really Big One, right, with lots of Boys an' dead big shooty things an' what have ya. Deff Skwadron (Graphic Novel), short-story Da big push, first page
Warlord Dragnatz We’ve got our Gargantz an’ we’ve got our weapons. Wot ain't we got? We ain’t got anyfing for target practice iz wot! So I'll tell you wot we're gonna do. We’re gonna give da Humies a taste of ‘ot metal death is wot. We’s gonna take Big Gork and Big Mork ‘ere an’ we’s gonna stomp Hummie!
- preparing the Boyz for the Waaagh!
Epic Armageddon Rulebook, pg. 46


Speaker Quote Source
Fat Druzka, Flash Git Bought me a deffblasta off Rotskrag earlier. Nice little killa. Just ask Rotskrag, hur hur. Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 14
Flikka Hammahead,
Blood Axes Nob
Ere's wot we's gonna do, right? First I'se gonna yell Waaagh! an' 'den I'se gonna run up to 'em an' krump 'em. 'Den, while I'se runnin' and hollerin' an' before I get to 'da krumpin' part, you lot yells Waaagh! an’ makes a run at 'em too, see? 'Den we'll all krump togevva! 'S a great plan, innit? 'Dem 'umies'll nevva expect it. Only War: Enemies of the Imperium pg. 47


Speaker Quote Source
Gasgrakh, Goff Nob We're da best. Think diffrent do ya? Come and have a go then, ya runty little wimp! Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 13
Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka We is gonna stomp da universe flat and kill anyfink that fights back. we're da Orks, and was made ta fight and win. Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 106
I'm da hand of Gork and Mork, dey sent me to rouse up da boyz to crush and kill 'cos da boyz forgot what dere 'ere for. I woz one of da boyz till da godz smashed me in da 'ead an' I 'membered dat Orks is meant to conquer and make slaves of everyfing they don't kill.

I'm da profit of da Waaagh an' whole worlds burn in my boot prints. On Armour-Geddem, I led da boyz through da fire deserts and smashed da humies' metal cities to scrap. I fought Yarik, old one-eye at Tarturus, an' he fought good but we smashed iz city too.

I'm death to anyfing dat walks or crawls, where I go nothin' stands in my way. We crushed da stunties on Golgotha, an' we caught old one-eye when da speed freeks blew da humies' big tanks ta bits. I let 'im go 'cause good enemies iz 'ard to find, an Orks need enemies ta fight like they need meat ta eat an' grog ta drink.

I iz more cunnin' than a grot an' more killy than a dread, da boyz dat follow me can't be beat. On Pissenah we jumped da marine-boyz an' our bosspoles was covered in da helmets we took from da dead 'uns. We burned dere port an' killed dere bosses an' left nothin' but ruins behind. I'm Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka an' I speak wiv da word of da gods. We iz gonna stomp da 'ooniverse flat an' kill anyfing that fights back. We iz gonna do this coz' we're Orks an’ we was made ta fight an' win!
- Graffiti on Warlord Battle Titan wreckage, found by Dark Angels at Westerisle, Piscina IV

Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 91 (a reduced version)
Humies is all weak scum that deserve ta get stomped. 'Cept for One-Eye Yarrick. He knows how ter fight. Codex: Imperial Guard (5th Edition), pg. 63
Gibli the Gretchin We're safe 'ere Gobbitz. There's no way da beakies can get to us at the top of dis cliff...
- Last words before being overrun by Space Marine Assault troops from the Salamanders Chapter
Epic Armageddon Rulebook, pg. 34
Ork Dreadnought Ace 'Jip' Gobsmak Dere's jus' one fing wiv kans wot ya'av ta bovver about - Sittin' on dat spring gives ya piles! Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, p.57
Golmak Spannabreaka, Mekboy Ere, pass me 'dat wossname, 'dat welda. Yeah, 'dat's 'da one. Now, watch 'dis!
Last words
Only War: Enemies of the Imperium, pg. 50
Gorgal 'edkicker OI! Lissen ta me wen I’z talkin’ to ya! We’z gonna go on ‘dere ship, we’z gonna smash it up an’ kill anyfing dat gets in our way, an’ den we’z gonna get back on da boat an’ go home. Dat’ll show ‘em. Do you lot of ‘umie runts unnastand dat? Good. Now, wiv me: WAAAGH!
- sanctioned Ork, briefing a human Boarding party
Rogue Trader: Into the Storm, p. 66
Exchange between Warboss Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter, and Tomas Macabee, Necron Pariah Gorgutz: You looks like an oomie dats needs some feeding, metal boy.

Macabee: We exterminated all life on this planet before, and we shall do so again.

Gorgutz: Dat woz before me Waaagh! got 'ere. Now, we is da wuns doin' da 'sterminating!

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
Gorklaw, Warlord Wotter yer mean we only got four Stompas? We had a lots of 'em! Roight - we need ammo and scrap, an I know just where ta get 'em. Apocalypse Reload, pg. 78
Big Mek
Yer boss, dese weapons are the best wunz ever. Da Boyz will hit better, an ‘arder than ever before! Strategy Cards for Planetary Empires expansion game, card "Special Combat Weapons - Minor Stratagem", (saved archive page, dated February 2011, last accessed 6 October 2015)
Grabthroat Shinkicka,
Killa Kan pilot
Yar! Oose 'da biggest an' da baddest now, eh? I'll show ya, I'll show ya all! Just try an' stop me! Only War: Enemies of the Imperium, pg. 54
Grimtoof Git-Slaver,
Warboss of Waaagh! Grimtoof
Look at 'dis, will ya? Alla 'dese worlds is mine, and 'dose wot ain't'll be mine soon enuf. I'm gonna take evry'ting in 'em 'an no one can stop me. Not 'da 'umies, not 'dem fancy gitz, and fer sure not any of 'dem uvver Orks wot tink 'dey can nose around in my galaxy! Only War: Enemies of the Imperium, pg. 36
Grodd, Snakebite Runtherd Live off the land. Go to find war. Kill wot comes close. The old ways are best. Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 14
Mad Dok Grotsnik Operate! Operate! Still time to operate! Codex: Orks (4th Edition), pg. 59
Grukk, Ork Boy We don't fight fer food, or fer teef, or guns, or cos we's told to fight. We fight cos we woz born to fight. And win. Codex: Orks (4th Edition), pg. 41
Dok Gutslash Right, first I'll take those teef out for yer, dat should help ease da pain in yer leg. Grokkit, hand me that wrench. Now then... Open wide, and say... AAARGH! Codex: Orks (4th Edition), pg. 38


Speaker Quote Source
Doc Hacksore Not enuff nails?

- Nah, I put da little feller in upside down.
- musing why his newly constructed dreadnought wasn't working

'Ere We Go: Orks in Warhammer 40,000
Warboss Headkrakka Oy, iz dis thing on?! Yeah, dis here is a message for da' grayskin bosses and their kroot. If'n you're gettin' any pictures wiff this thing, you can see what we done to your kroot over there. They's all dead and making for nice decorations on me new boss-hut. If'n you're not getting da pictures, just take one of da kroot near you an' rip 'em in half. It's like that. Dis here is Warboss Hedkrakka and it wuz me and me boyz that did this to yer kroot. Dis here is Hedkrakka's land now and we'z all coming to see you'z next! I need some grayskins for me boss-hut! Dawn of War: Dark Crusade


Speaker Quote Source
Blood Axe Stormboy, speaking to a clan yoof
Well, yer gots yer Boyz, 'den you gots yer Oddboyz, see? 'Dey's called 'dat 'cause dey's, well, a little off in 'der head if you knows wot I mean. Dey can still loot an' krump wit' 'da best uv 'em, tho. Only War: Enemies of the Imperium, pg. 48


Speaker Quote Source
Kog da Flymek, pioneer of the Dethkopta Wot's faster than a warbuggy, more killy than a warbike, and flies through da air like a bird? I got no bleedin' idea, but I'm gonna find out. Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 48
Provost-Major Kyne, at the court-martial of Lt Gordo Half-glimpsed shadows? Ork wearing camouflage? Do you take us for imbeciles? Orks are barbaric and entirely single-minded. Army dogma, which has served us well for ten thousand years, teaches us this. Greenskins come on in a great horde, they do not slink and sneak in the shade. Guards! Take the prisoner to the holding cells to await execution for cowardice and incompetence. Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 44


Speaker Quote Source
Lugnut of the Bladed Wheels Evil Sunz like two fings most: Going fast and krumpin' stuff. Dat's why we'z so good at it. Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 13


Speaker Quote Source
Morglum Necksnapper The only good 'ooman is a dead 'ooman. An' da only fing better than a dead 'ooman'z a dyin' 'ooman who tell you where ter find 'is mates. Waaargh: Orks, p. 82
Morgaash Kulgraz Warlord of Undred-Undred Teef, Kaptin of Da Wurldbreaka I’z smashed ‘umies an’ panzies an’ birdboyz an’ dogfaces; I’z gonna smash anyfing wot gets in my way, an’ take wotz left. I iz da biggest, ‘ardest boss in all da ‘Spanse, da biggest Kaptin ov Undred-Undred Teef, and nuffin kan stop me! Rogue Trader: Into the Storm p. 58


Speaker Quote Source
Nazdakka Boomsnik, Renowned Mekboy Da best shoota I eva made, dat iz. Loadza barrulz, so dat it’s ded shooty. ‘Sept dat wun, ‘cos dat’s da skorcha, dat’s burny insted. Yeah, good an’ propa. An’ da bullitz is ‘splosiv...dey goez boom inna fings wot you’z shootin.’ An’ dat button dere...dat’s da best bit. Wot it duz, see, iz...iz...oh, zog. Nah, its nuffin’ boss. Nah, you’z don’t need ta see wot dat button duz...‘onist. Don’t push it!
- Last words
Rogue Trader: Into the Storm p. 94
Nekbrekka, Warboss Look lads, dose stoopid oomies have left a bomb behind. Huh, it’s got wire attached to it. Luzgit, help me pull dis fing free.
- shortly before he ‘earned’ his bionics
Strategy Cards for Planetary Empires expansion game, card "Booby-trap - Minor Stratagem", (saved archive page, dated February 2011, last accessed 5 October 2015)
Nuzzgrond of the Black Skulls Da only lost race I ever heard of woz when Hef crashed his trike in da final stretch of da cross-dessert rally. Cost me a few teef, that. Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 7


Speaker Quote Source
Kaptain Parrkurr of the Ork Landa 'Funderbird Too' Aim fer dat big buildin’ over der. No da uvver wun! NO DAT WUN! Zoggit, just land it ‘ere. Fanatic Magazine Issue 2, pg. 35


Speaker Quote Source
Rotgob, Ork strategist Get 'em boyz!

Dakka dakka dakka!



Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 94
'Fingaz' Rutzeg, Deathskull Loota Wot, this? Naw, I've had this fer ages. Of course the paint's still wet, it's me favourite. Sell it to ya if you like. One careful owner. Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 15


Speaker Quote Source
Korporal Snagbrat of the Dreadblade Kommandos Us Blood axes have learnt a lot from da humies. How best ta kill 'em, fer example. Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 15
Skabgutz, Ork trukk Boy Oi! Stop runnin' away, yer snivellin' humies, we got a race on here! Apocalypse Datasheet "Ork Trukk Konvoy
Warlord Skarmork The Great Despoiler They got ded big shooty guns dat'll kill tons of boyz, but if you can get near em den you've got a chance. Just gotta make sure you bring loads of boyz, coz you ain't gonna have a whole lot left when you get close enough ta crump em.
- description of the Tau
Codex: Tau (3rd Edition), p. 30
Snikskin, Ork Kommando Da ooman base iz got walls an’ fings, see. So, if I’z goes up to da wall, all sneaky-like, and blows it up wiv me bombs, den dere’ll be an ‘ole in da wall wot da ladz can go fru, see. So, when you’z lot ‘ears sumfing go boom, you charge,’ cos dere’ll be an ‘ole in da wall. Unnastand?
- explaining a plan to a group of other Orks
Rogue Trader: Into the Storm p. 92
Stormboy drill-chant I dunno wot you been told,

Stormboy mobs is mighty bold,

We're da hardest of da lot,

We make you lot look like Grots.

Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 47


Speaker Quote Source
Genetor Aurelius Thoze, Adeptus Mechanicus Xenobiologist. Ork Physiology is fascinating and terrifying in equal measure, demonstrating inhuman degrees of resilience to the point where they can withstand seemingly fatal wounds with little apparent long-term consequence. Indeed, Orks witnessed suffering fatal wounds in the midst of heavy fighting have often been observed again several days later, larger and stronger than they were before their injuries and with no sign of those wounds save for some largely superficial scarring. Rogue Trader: Into the Storm p. 58


Speaker Quote Source
From Culture vs. Kultur: Thoughts on Orkish Society by Uthan the Perverse, a controversial Eldar philosopher The Orks are the pinnacle of creation. For them, the great struggle is won. They have evolved a society which knows no stress or angst. Who are we to judge them? We Eldar who have failed, or the Humans, on the road to ruin in their turn? And why? Because we sought answers to questions that an Ork wouldn't even bother to ask! We see a culture that is strong and despise it as crude. Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 8; Waaargh: Orks p. 62
Waaagh from above, ordered by Uzgob (call-sign: Mavarork), Kommanda of the Deff Skwadron Hit 'em hard, Hit 'em low and give 'em plenty of Dakka Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command

Steam page (saved archive page, dated April 2020)


Speaker Quote Source
Motto of Vulcha Squad Shooty Deff from da Sky Imperial Armour II - Ork, Eldar and Dark Eldar Vehicles for Warhammer 40,000, pg. 34


Speaker Quote Source
Wortgrod Mugskab - Ork Boy DOK! Me arm got shot off! Gimme a new’un! Rogue Trader: Into the Storm p. 58


Speaker Quote Source
Xanthius, High Lord of Terra The Orks plague the galaxy from the end to end with their ceaseless warring and strife. They are a race rooted so deeply in war that peace is utterly incomprehensible to them. They cannot be bargained with or bought save with weapons that they will inevitable turn against those who tried to bribe them. I pray with all my faith that some great catastrophe will annihilate them but I fear that ultimately it is they, not we, who shall rule the galaxy. Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 92


Speaker Quote Source
Snakebites Runtherd
Don't poke at 'der Squiggoths ya' snotling-brained oaf! 'Dey don't like it, an’ it hurts 'der feelins. So don't ta holler at me if dey eats yer fingers. Only War: Enemies of the Imperium pg. 58


Quote Speaker Source
Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we win we win, if we die we die fighting so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see! Commonly held Ork view of warfare Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 49
Oomans are pink and soft, not tough and green like da Boyz. They'z all the same size too, so they'z always arguing about who's in charge, 'cos no way of telling 'cept fer badges an' ooniforms and fings. When one of them wants to lord it over the uvvers, 'e says "I'm very speshul so'z you gotta worship me", or "I know summink wot you lot don't know so yer better lissen good". Da funny fing is, arf of 'em believe it and da over arf don't, so 'e 'as to hit 'em all anyway or run fer it. Wot a lot of mukkin' about if yer asks me. An' while they'z all arguing wiv each other over who's da boss, da Orks can clobber da lot - on Humanity and its weaknesses An anonymous Ork Boy Codex: Orks (4th Edition), p. 40; Waaargh: Orks, p. 81
Orkz is made fer' two fings! Fightin', and winnin'! Unknown Nob, Battle of Magna Bonum Dawn of War
Look at me flash, Boss! Anonymous Flash Git Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
Well, 'course dis one’s betta! It's lotz 'eavier, and gots dem spikey bitz on de ends. Anonymous Ork describing his custom shoota Rogue Trader: Into the Storm p. 142