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Ork Settlement

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Mektown, Ork Settlement on Gorkamorka.[3][7]




Typical Locations

Though Ork settlements vary tremendously throughout the galaxy, some common features are:

Boss' Stronghold

Dominating the settlement is the Warboss's personal residence. It may vary greatly in size depending on his status, but will usually feature at least one watchtower and a huge, blocklike keep, bristling with weapons. Within the fortified enclosure, beyond the gatehouse are the barracks of the Warboss' personal Warband. In the courtyard is his personal cesspit, attended by his Snotling and Gretchin slaves. Within the massive keep, the Warboss usually presides in his great hall, sitting on a throne surrounded by captured war-panoply. From this esteemable vantage he plans raids and attacks on his enemies.[1c]

Oddboys' Workshops

Fighting Pits


The Drops


Racing Track

Buggy and Warbike races are a popular pastime amongst the Orks and many Ork Settlements are surrounded with rough dirt tracks and thrum daily to the sound of engines as the buggy and warbike-mounted boys tear round and round. That is expecially true for Kult of Speed and Evil Sunz' settlements. This not only hones a driver's skills and keeps Speed Freaks happy, but also ensures that Mekboys always have some work, fixing up the damage and tinkering with the engines ans supa-chargas.[6]

Fungus Fields

Most Ork Settlements are surrounded by a vast swathes of fungi fields. Cultivated by Snotlings, they are a main source of food for Ork society. They also provide them with drink and medicine and as such are an important part of the settlement.[8]

Famous Ork Settlements

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